Uncle Take My Virginity On My Birthday

Uncle Take My Virginity On My Birthday

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Uncle Take My Virginity On My Birthday. Ben is my 36-year-old uncle. He is my youngest uncle on the side of my mother’s family. As a little girl I always remember having fun with him. He is always fun, will take me to swimming pools, cinemas and other fun activities. He is a cool uncle.

He is always an attractive man. I would not realize this as a child but when I started puberty, I could see how my uncle was is a good catch! Very handsome and he is in great shape. I always thought that anyone who ended up with him would be a lucky woman.

Ben lives in the city which is 2 hours away from us. One day he had to come for business and spend the night at home. I was sixteen at the time, my body had changed significantly over the past few years. My chest grew into C cup, my hips slightly widened giving me a nice hourglass shape. And I have a small round bum. I have an awkward time where you know you haven’t completed your changes but people will begin to notice you.
That night my uncle coming, I wear shorts and nice leotards. I went out with my friends after dinner and I was wearing some sexy clothes.

“Uncle Ben!!” I said when I opened the front door hugging him, as I always did, jumping lightly on him.

“Oh wow Vicky! It’s so good to see you !! You grow up, you can not jump that way on me, I’m getting too old”

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I laugh while moving away from our embrace. “Sorry!” I said with a cheeky smile. I looked at his face and caught his eyes looking briefly at my chest. He then looked straight in an uncomfortable way, as if he had done wrong.

“Uh…how are you? Where is everyone? “He says he does not even look at me anymore, trying to look in the house.

“Oh, they are all inside the kitchen. Please, come in! I let him into the house and I stood there wondering if I had seen an uncomfortable-looking uncle. Looking at me as maybe he had never done it, as a woman more than a girl, his niece. The thought shocked me but I did not dwell on it. We all had a nice dinner together and went to meet my friends for the night.

Over the next two years, I often found myself thinking about my uncle Ben when I masturbated.  I liked seeing it as a fantasy.

The day of my 18th birthday came and I had a great party. My uncle promised to visit me the following weekend to give me a treat. I could not wait! It had been so long since he left and I missed my funny uncle.

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He arrived early on a Saturday and the day began! We spent the afternoon at a water park, we loved it when I was a kid. I put on a new bikini, my chest was a little bigger now and also my butt. “I can not believe you were 10 years old the last time we came here,” he said. “Look at yourself now, adult woman.” “Yes, it’s been years since we last came here. I do not know if I’m actually wearing the right bikini for this. I do not want anything to get out of place!” I said laughing, he gave me a shy smile. Had he intimidated again?

We went down the slides and enjoyed the wave pool. When he took a double float he flipped over with a big wave. I fell on him in the water, we moved our legs and arms to swim back to the surface. His hand, touched my right breast for a second by accident. “Oh I’m sorry” “Do not worry, my fault, I fell on you!” We decided to leave the pool after that, He was behind me, walking slowly. I looked back as I looked at his erection. That’s probably why he was walking so slowly. I had been excited all day but this had turned me on.

We decided to return home since we were destroyed. My parents have gone out with some friends because they did not wait for us early.

“I need a shower!” I said as I took off my shirt in front of him.

“It’s okay, you jump first, I’ll go for you”

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“Thank you! Can you help me with this bikini? It’s new, I can not remove the bra” “Uh…yeah, of course. “I turned to expose my young firm breast in front of him. His jaw dropped and his eyes were on my chest. “You can join me if you want,” I said. Trying to look natural about all of this. He did not have time to say anything when I had already disappeared.

I showered with the door slightly open but he did not enter. I wrapped myself in my towel and left. “You can take a shower now Uncle Ben!” I scream so he can hear me. “Ok…thanks hun” I heard the door close, when I heard the shower run, I opened the door, completely naked

“Vicky! What are you doing?!”

“I realized I did not give you a towel, so here it is! I’ll leave him there.” I stood there and watched his incredible naked body. His cock was relaxed but big, his body was strong, he was very attractive.

“Vicky, please, go!”

“You do not want me to join you there? I could help you with your shower” “Sophie” he says, covering himself “you’re my niece, it’s not right”

“But I’m just 18 and I thought we had a special weekend together. I really want it to be special”

“No, you can not ask me that”

“I know you love me. You watched me all day,” I say, massaging one of my breasts and one of my cheeky smiles.

“Vicky, leave, we’ll talk about it later” His cock now looked huge and thick. I watched her nibble my lip with a smile and say “Okay” I turned around and left the bathroom.

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I decided to wear a loose t-shirt and nothing underneath. The t-shirt would increase my chest and my pointed nipples and just cover my buttocks and my fanny. He went down in his clothes and looked at me. He sat on the couch next to me. “Is that what you wear?”

“Yes, I like being comfortable at home, do not you like it?”

“Well yeah…”

“Good!” I placed one leg on the table and the other on the couch. My legs open to expose my hairless cunt. My uncle looked at me and say “God you are beautiful, but I can’t do this, Vicky”

“No, well, I can.” Then I licked my finger and started massaging my clit. Closing my eyes and arching my back, moaning. “Oh Uncle Mike, I do it so often thinking about you”. I looked at my uncle and he had his huge cock in his hand, massaging it shaft.

The sight made me moan loudly. “Sophie, you have a beautiful cunt but I really should not,” then I got up and went to him. I’m sitting next to him on the couch. “Uncle, your cock is so big, I have not seen a lot, but yours is absolutely bigger, would it bother you if I was suck it?.” “Oh…Vicky, we really should not…” I began to suck up and down, stroking his balls with my hand, my tongue playing with the tip of his cock. I wanted to go faster at a steady pace, I heard my uncle moan, he really excited me.

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He made me stop “Wait, I do not want to cum…for the moment”. He made me lie on my back “Let me see these incredible tits,” he said, taking off my t-shirt. He began to massage them with his hand. He took one in his mouth. He played with my nipples and squeezed them together. I moaned, holding his head against my chest. He fingered me, exploring my cunt and clit. His head then went down and licked my shaved cunt. Tease me. “Oh, please my uncle, lick my clit, lick my inside!” He then sucked my clit and fingering my pussy. I started shaking, it was amazing. I moaned “Oh yes !!!” then I squirt and had a huge orgasm.

“I’m glad you enjoyed this, even if it’s not done yet. You’re right, you’re 18 now and it should be really special”. “Uncle Ben, I never did this with a guy before. I’m a virgin but I want you to be my first. “Oh my god Vicky, are you sure?” “Yes, please, who else? Be gentle uncle, your cock is so big” “Do not worry Vicky, we’ll slow down. It’ll hurt you a little at first, but it’ll be okay”. He undressed and lay above me. I was so horny and so was he. “Do you want that?” he said rubbing his dick against my pussy “Yes uncle, please, put it in, I can not wait”

I could feel how my cunt opened for the first time. “Do not worry baby, you can bear it, it’ll get better.” He pushed gently halfway and I screamed. I liked it. “You.re right, hun. Your cunt is bleeding.” He then put everything in it, it was so good. “Oh Sophie, you’re so tight virgin.” He started to move and we both moaned. I joined his thrust when I felt more comfortable. I loved it, my uncle was fucking me for the first time.

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I wrapped my legs around him and started screaming with extreme pleasure. He hit harder now, I could see how his breathing was increasing. He then placed his finger in my clit and started to rub it. I enjoy while screaming and holding my breasts. My uncle sucks them as I offered them. It was amazing, long and intense. He then continued and finished inside my cunt, filling it with his warm loads. We kissed for a moment and jumped to the shower, this time together. There my uncle taught me to fuck in the shower, standing, from behind.  My cunt exhausted because of its size but want more. After that, I made another BJ with the water falling on me.

My parents come home night. My uncle and I were already dressed to watch TV. I said goodnight and when I went to bed. When I looked at my phone, I got a text message from uncle Ben saying, “Come give your uncle a good night in an hour. I still need that tight pussy in my mouth and my dick”. I counted the minutes. I had the best birthday of my life!

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