Sniffing Mom’s Thong

Sniffing Mom’s Thong

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Sniffing Mom’s Thong – When I woke up sunday morning. It was already 11.00 and my mother had already gone to do morning shopping, which will probably take all day. Wiping the sleep of my eyes, adjusting my boxer, I went down to prepare my breakfast.

Sitting in the kitchen, I looked at the Sakong Kiu boxes left unopened after my mother and I moved after her divorce. A box was labeled “Old Memories” putting my tongue in my cheek I got up and went to the box. I really had no idea what was put in the box. Opening the box, there was a book on top. Wrapped in blue leather with a purple engraving of the word “Boudoir” on it. Rubbing the dust, I headed for the sofa and opened the blanket. Inside was a cursive note in my mother’s handwriting:

“I hope daddy not to see this, but I had to do something to make some money in college. At least I would have memories.”


Cerita Hot SexI was wondering what she was talking about. Her family was rich, why would she have extra work? Turning the page, I would know soon. The first picture was of my mother, lying on a bed, with her bright smile. Her impeccable blue eyes, her little diamond buttons in her ears. And her shiny blonde hair folded into a tight ponytail.

She wore a light blue T-shirt with a plunging neckline surmounted by a knot. Then a very low white thong, hugging her perfect hips and disappearing between her fleshy ass. Leading to her perfect legs with her feet crossed at the ankle, wearing white and fresh socks. I felt my Sakong Kiu boxer hug me in the groin, the book on my knees, pulsed slightly. My mother was always absolutely beautiful in my mind, its like she is never gets old.

These photos were taken in 1987, 9 years before my birth, when she was 20 years old. While continuing to browse the book, I found more and more pictures and little caption that made my mind crazy. While lifting slightly, I pulled my boxer along my legs, leaving my cock free. Wrapping my free hand around my base, I slowly stroked my mother’s images. Instinct should tell me to stop, and really, I did not intend to find these pictures. But how could something expressly forbidden feel so intoxicating?

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Sniffing Mom’s Thong – Another thought crossed my mind raging hormones. My mother still wears a panties like that? Well, there is only one way to find out. Take the book with me, I went to my mother’s room and was pleasantly surprised. My mother does not only wear high-waisted sexy panties, like the pictures. She stays in time and wears thongs even nowadays. Looking at his carpet, I saw a small string purple lace.

Pick up the fabric, it was still hot, worn out the day before. My cock hard, thrilling unceasingly. I wore the string in front of my face while jerking to the first picture of my mother. And inspired slightly of her forbidden sex. My sense of ecstasy fueled by excitement was short-lived, hearing a familiar, stunned and annoyed voice behind me.

“Philip, what are you thinking you doing!” I jumped, realizing what I was doing and there was no way to hide it. I tried to drop her thong at the book. But I turned around, her worn thong was still in my hand. Her stature changed as she walked towards me, clearly agitated.

“Is that my underwerar Sakong Kiu?” She asked me, with a tone of disgust and curiosity.

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Cerita Hot SexI nodded weakly. not knowing what would follow. Now, just a few steps from me, I looked at her as before. But the images of her photos behind me flooded my mind. I felt his eyes follow my body, to lock myself in those of mine. I watched her gently bite her lips and tried to smash her a mischievous smile. Her hand reached mine, pulling out her thong and wrapping it around her finger.

“What were you doing with that?” She asked me curiously.
“Sniffing them.” I finally found my voice.
“Do you like my little thongs Sakong Kiu?” She asked me, her tone finally softened, and sweet.

I nodded. Looking into her eyes finds the book behind me. Her head nodded slightly. Her hair color, slightly darkened, her natural curls flowing freely. Her lips red and soft, full of a light layer of lipstick. Wearing a flannel, tank top and skinny jeans with knee high socks. She was very beautiful even now, she should have been a model in my mind.

She gave me another half-step, her toes leaning against mine. My cock had softened after being surprised, but it still throbbed. I watched her hand unconsciously reach out and start wrapping her little fingers around me. “Honey,” she began to say. She stepped on her toes and pressed her lips against my cheek, letting little kisses slip on my lips. Pressing her lips against mine, I felt my mind turn. She put her hand on my chest, laying on her bed while continuing to caress me.

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Sniffing Mom’s Thong – “It’s wrong.” She found her words. “But if you can be Sakong Kiu smart, then maybe we can enjoy this gaming experience”. Pushing her book away from us, she pulled back and turned her back. Removing her flannel and tank top, showing her red, lace-trimmed, floral bra with a clasp on the front. I felt my jaw marvel at watching her move her chest back and forth. Returning to me, sitting on my lap while she kissed me.

“I’m going to tease you first.” She chuckled. Squeezing her tongue between my lips swirling around mine before sneaking between my legs apart. Licking and kissing along my cock and my big balls. Sweet moans of pleasure left my lips with his explosive teasing. Rising slightly, she unbuttoned and removed her jeans from her legs. All she had left was her matching red thong. Crossing her thumbs in her belt, she removed her thong to show her trimmed bush.

“Does it smell better?” She smiled even more, dropping the strap on my face, running her tongue over my head. The string was hot, a wet spot had formed when she wore it. Her fresh scent of intoxicating sex filled my nose. The sound of her sucking and flowing on me fills the room. Her soft moans vibrate on me, intensifying the feeling of pleasure. I fly back the urge to release my load.

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“Do you like that Sakong Kiu darling?” She whispered, sliding her tongue over me.
“Yes I do it.Now how about I return the feeling.” I said smiling and standing up.

Cerita Hot SexBy changing places with her. I watched her spread her legs impatiently. Rubbing her hands on her wet pussy. I lifted her feet on my shoulders and left a trail of kisses and soft bites along her thigh. Listening to her breath deepen. She my head closer to her pussy, eagerly burying my face between her thighs. While sucking her pussy lips and brushing my tongue on her clit. I put two fingers inside her hot and tight pussy.

“Ungh.” I heard him squeak softly as I continued to finger on her wet slit. “Do not stop baby.” Her hips were swaying and rubbing against my face. Her thighs squeezing my head, throwing herself into her wet pussy to another terrestrial orgasm. Covering my face with her sweet juice. Her breath relaxed for a moment, her fingers rested on her nipples, her face flushed.

Using a Come here movement with her finger, I crept up to her. Beads of her cum remained on my lips, my cock remained heavy between my legs. A river of precum flowed out of me. She wrapped her hands around my neck and cupped my cheek, pulling me into a wet and passionate kiss. Wrapping her legs around my waist, locking her ankles.

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Sniffing Mom’s Thong – “I want you to fuck me baby.” She whispered in my ears. Pushing my dick head gently inside her wet hole, I moaned softly. Her ankles pulled me inside and I ran my full length into her with a slow and deep blow. Feeling his walls stretching and tightening around my length, her eyes fluttered slightly and rolled back into her head.

“Yes baby!” She moaned, squeezing and pulling her double D breasts with each slow, deep blow I made. Squeezing my lips against hers, biting her lower lip and pulling softly as I did. Moaning in her mouth while I did what she asked me. Squeezing inside her, I felt her walls tighten around my dick, pulling every drop of incestuous semen from my balls.

I made some deeper shots before collapsing over her, spurting cum into her pussy. Filling her as she came back, her body swaying in her second orgasm. My dick still Sakong Kiu hard, throbbing inside her flooded pussy. I made small soft pumps watching her breasts shake and a smile form her lips.

“Kiss me, fool.” She pulled my dick out of her pussy, sperm leaking and dripping in her pussy. Layer my head on her breasts, her hand running through my hair.

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