Sisters Help Jerking Off

Sisters Help Jerking Off

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Sisters Help Jerking Off – I am a  20 years old Texas man. Always horny and always hungry, and always jerks since I remember. And that meant I was get caught by my parents, my grandparents, my sister, family doctor. Every time I make a mistake and decide to play with myself. I am usually too far away to worry about the audience and admirers.

But when I was 19, I had a crazy girlfriend named Linh. She is Vietnamese and she LOVES the fact that she has a white boyfriend. Especially because her sister all has Vietnamese boyfriends so she rebelled by Link Login 188 dating me. She loves sex and she always has her little hands on my cock. So it’s certain that we will be caught, it’s just not in the way it happened.

One night, I was over at her home to watch TV in the back room. We were clustered on the sofa with a blanket over us. And soon I felt her little hand stroking my foot. She advanced along my legs and up into my loose shorts where she pulled the edge of my boxer briefs. Perhaps it took her 15 minutes. Yet she at last slid her hand to cup my balls and made me hard as a stone.


Porn Sex Stories – We sat viewing SNL while she gently teased and squeezed the base of my cock. She like giving head. I try to pretend I don’t care. I looked at the TV, but my throbbing cock betrayed my interest. Under the blanket, I began to reach for her own little cat foo. She has a small plot of pub that looks like a small black brush every time I fuck him. My fingers tickled the pants underneath until I caressed the little kitty foo patch (as she called it).

My fingers rubbed it, while her small hand gripped me. We enjoyed this and I’ve thought about where we can make love. It’s not easy going to her room, her parents’ room is next to her room. We might have to go to my car and go somewhere.

While I pondered her cunt, I suddenly sat up straight when her sister, Anh, walked into the room. I pulled my hand, but Linh didn’t let me go.
Linh! Up so late?” She asked.
“Tired, but I can’t sleep.” She smiled at Masterkiu me. “Oooo! Your handsome Jammie is here! Good to see you.”

I smiled, not confident to speak when Melanie chose then to touch my cock’s head. Suddenly, Anh saw my bare feet come out of the bottom of the blanket.


Sisters Help Jerking Off – “Wow! Look at your toe nails! So tattered! How do you cut it?”
“Nail clipper.” I looked down at my toes and they looked rough like I chewed it.
“Let me fix it for you!” And Anh ran out of the room to come back with a pedicure. She works on manicures and pedicures, so she’s a professional.

“Oh, no, it’s okay. Thank you!” I tried to pull my legs, but she held them tightly.
“No, let me fix it!”

I relaxed but Linh gripped and now caressed my cock under the Link Login 188 blanket. With enthusiasm as much as her sister held my leg. Linh knew I loved to wear footwear. And her sister seemed to know that rubbing the curves and playing with the toes felt good to me. I sat with mouth open when Linh began to squeeze and twist her grip on the boner under the blanket.

Anh is proud of her work – she takes the file and starts working on each of my toes. But when I was kicked out, I stretched in grasp. And Anh lifted my leg a little tighter which only made me more excited.


“Long toes!” Say Anh.
“Uh-huh,” I almost screamed.

Porn Sex Stories – “Jammie is an Italian,” said Linh proudly. “Ever seen Michelangelo’s long toes?” But under the blanket, Linh nastyly pulled out my foreskin. I’m a little stretched. My foreskin is tight and if she pulls it too far, I need 2 hands to roll it back. I closed my eyes when my legs were massaged and my foreskin rolled. Geez, I think, this is too much.

“Next!” Anh announced. And she grabbed my other leg. She looked at us, a little confused, no doubt wondering why my eyes were half closed. “What are you doing down there?”
“Nothing” Linh grinned.
“Come on, you do something down there!” Anh suddenly Masterkiu pulled the blanket but Linh held on quickly. “I want to see!”
“Not!” Linh and her sister pulled a blanket while I sat comfortably watching them both.
“I want to see!” Anh let go of the blanket and frowned. “I’ve never seen a white boy pee-pee!”
“Get your own white boyfriend.” Linh laughed.
“Come on!” Then a thought crossed Anh’s mind, “If you don’t, I will tell Mama and you will no longer date!”

That is a shocking threat. Linh looks at me. I shrugged. Slowly, temptingly, Linh began to pull the blanket over us. Not sure how this will happen, I grabbed one side, “I don’t know about this.”

Twin Sister Jerk Cum Blow Job


Sisters Help Jerking Off – Linh shook her head, “Come on, Jammie. Let her see and she won’t tell my mother. You don’t want her to ban you from home, right?”

“But this is your sister!” I complained.

Hearing that, Anh sat on the couch so I had a sister on both sides of me. She grabbed the edge of the blanket in my hand and continued to pull it back. As soon as my crotch comes off, my boner is in full view, like a puppy on my lap.

“Oooo! Very white! Very cute!” Anh looked at Link Login 188 it carefully. I throb to squirm around. I can feel her breath at me.
“Right now we are doing it.” Linh grabbed my shaft and continued stroking me. With her sister watching, I put my hand behind my head and enjoyed the hand job.

“Wow, so much vein.” Anh whispered. Without asking, she grabbed me, so I had 2 hands jacking me off.
“Damn, Anh!” I am alarmed. I looked at Linh who smiled and shrugged.
“I’m fine with that. Be nice, Jammie. She never touched a white boy before.”

Anh carried me on the base while Linh squeezed my cock head and showed a shiny head under the foreskin. I gladly streamed the precum, which Linh wiped with her fingers to lubricate my shaft. The two sisterss stroked me calmly.


Porn Sex Stories – In the little hands of the sisters, my erection was very hard and shiny. Like they were constantly reaching for a baseball bat. I feel great in their small palms. But I immediately see my girl, Linh, the way she breathes with open lips. It occurred to me that she would give me blow job. But seriously, here at her house, on the couch and in front of his sister?

She touched her sister’s hand, gesturing for her to stop jacking me. “Anh, he’s my boyfriend and I’m really aroused now. Can you leave?” Anh looked surprised, “No, why?” Linh shook her head, “Do you want to watch?” Anh nodded. Hearing that, Linh held me again and lowered her head. She began to suck at me when I stretched beneath her.

“Damn, Linh! In here?” I whispered.
“Don’t worry, Jammie. My parents already in bed.”
“Fuck.” I take off my shirt. “Head, lick around the head,” I groaned Masterkiu, and his tongue expertly slipped in and around my foreskin.

Anh paid close attention. She was only inches away from my throbbing cock. Watching her sister lick and tongue hunger and tease my throbbing organ. Anh finally couldn’t stand it anymore. She grabbed me and pulled my cock out of Linh’s lips and into her own lips.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned while sucking.
“Anh! He’s mine!” Linh made a furious expression.


Sisters Help Jerking Off – “Mmmmm” Anh had my cock in her mouth but looked at her sister with damage in her eyes. Then I felt myself almost coming and returned to Linh’swaiting mouth. What started as a small fraternity competition was immediately coordinated when they both flicked and licked my cock together. Up and down the shaft, then head, as if they were sharing ice cream. I went crazy with the sensation of feeling of my cock touched and licked like two happy dogs sharing bones.

Linh led the way. With her free hand, she rubbed my Link Login 188 chest, my stomach. So Anh did the same. Linh cupped my ball and soon Anh did the same. I grabbed the crotch of the two sisters and tried to feel both of them. I was very close, my body trembled with pleasure all pointing from my cock.

Just as I was about to cum, their mother walked in. “WHAT’S GOING ON HERE!!!”

The sisters jumped from the couch, leaving me open. I looked up horrified. What was supposed to be the shrinking moment of the cock was even betrayed by my balls. I’m cumming. Spray and spray from my semen on my stomach. My chest, and the last impulse of anger struck me in the chin. I rushed to sweat and rubbed my body when their mother shouted. Threw a pillow at me, and chased me out of the house.

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