Sister Blow Brother

Sister Blow Brother

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Sister Blow Brother – The rules were easy. All the fellows would line up against the wall, pants and underwear off. Once the lights were turned off and the music was on. The women would available and grab a cock to blow. Once a couple of minutes, the music would stop and that they would rotate.

It was so dark that I could not see an inch in front of my face. It’s so quiet that, if you listen loud enough, you can hear all our hearts beating fast. A hand slapped my knee. One of them has found me. I gulped and felt the wall to 99Domino hold something. This is it. I took a deep breath when I felt my penis covered by soft lips. The mysterious girl’s tongue swings up and down on the shaft and around the head.

“Oh, God…” I muttered, feeling in the air until I found her head. I rubbed my fingers on her face as she slowly sucked on my dick. Around me, the only sound I could hear was the girls loudly sipping cocks. You will hear a gentle moan here and there, but overall everyone remains relatively silent. Nobody wants to act like they enjoy this too much. We all boast about it every week. This is just normal, right?


Cerita Bokep Online – As my mysterious woman continued to maintain my rigid stiff cock. My mind could not continue to roam. I honestly can’t stop thinking about my sister. She will faint if she ever sees anything like this. Sarah is an outstanding student, a golden child. She will go to Princeton in the fall, a full scholarship. I, on the other hand, was destined for a local college. She upset me a lot, always in his room, always doing homework, never wanting to have fun.

Although that does not mean She will not be accepted togel 188 here. In fact, maybe no one in this room want their cock in Sarah’s mouth now. I hate to admit it, she’s cute. The soft brown hair, the baby’s face, the full pink lips, which is right for her cheerful body and breasts. Oh, and the round ass,  perfect ass. Oh, my God.

I almost cum there, just thinking about it. I’m really a sick bastard. Then again, this girl is amazing at giving a head. I can blame her. My mind kept floating back to Sarah, maybe she in her room now, reading or something. She might be wearing a cute little tank top and shorts. Damn! I almost lost it again. I need to be calm. I still have many girls to go through. Fortunately, the music died then and the girl planted the last kiss on my trembling dick head before continuing. I sighed and caressed myself slowly, keeping it hard for the next one to come.

Sister And Brother Incest


Sister Blow Brother – I don’t need to wait long. I felt something sweeping over my feet and then a few moments later, a strange tongue rubbed my cock’s head. I could feel her hot breath when she was about to close her mouth, but hesitated. Why is she teasing me like this? “Come on, darling…” I muttered, guiding her head between my thight. She finally obeyed and stuffed what looked like my entire pole into her mouth and into her throat. I just fainted on the spot. This girl can suck dick like you wouldn’t believe. She is like a vacuum, that’s amazing.

“Oh, shit…” I groaned, harder than I wanted.
“Enjoy yourself, David?” is a response from across the room.
At that time, she stopped.
“What is it, honey?” I whispered, caressing her hair.
“David Morrison?” she asked softly.
“Yes, it’s me,” I whispered, “but we shouldn’t tell.”

She is silent.
“Who is this? Janet? Brittany? I think I recognise those lips…”

What happened next will stain my memory for the rest of my tangkas 365 life. Some idiot had turned on the light switch, causing everyone to become blind for a moment. When my eyes finally adjusted, I looked down and my guts twisted.

That’s my sister, Sarah, who looks at me. Saliva from my cock still flows on her lips. I tried to say something, but all that came out was gasping. She did not have an expression of guilt or shock or even anger on her face. It was just a blank expression.

Sister Suck Brother's Cock


Cerita Bokep Online – “Turn off the lights, bastard!” someone shouted.

Again, the room pitch black again. I do not know what to do. This is my own blood and flesh, my sister. She is the pride of my parents, the perfect child. And here she is, kneeling in a dirty basement, with my cock in her mouth. Before I can react, I feel that incredible sensation again. She sucked me again, and there was nothing I could do. It feels so good that I can hardly move my muscles.

“Sarah…you don’t need togel 188 to…oh, God!” She responded by sucking harder. Not even stopping to rest her jaw. I realised that now, that was a lost goal. Soon, the music will stop and she will move to the next cock. I might also enjoy the last few moments. As expected, the song slowly faded until there was nothing but silence. The only sound was the girls’ knees rubbing the floor to look for the next attempt. I waited for Sarah to stop, but she continued to do it, not to miss it. I could hear another girl approaching, but she met one word.

“Inhabited,” she said, with a mouth full with my cock, and the girl continued. Knowing now that she didn’t give up until I cum, I continued my efforts to persuade her to stop.
“Come on, Sarah…you’re better than this…shit, that’s good…”
She kept sucking, massaging my ball to coax cum out of me.
“Sarah…this is wrong…you shouldn’t be here…oh, shit!”
“Shut up, dude!” is a hard answer from across the room.
“Ladies , finish your boys… Gentlemen, let’s finish…” said the soft voice of the DJ booth.

Brother Cum In Sister's Mouth


Sister Blow Brother – I gave up trying to release her from me. I was on the verge of orgasm and she would finish what she started. I grabbed her head and pushed her forcefully into and out of my lap, fucking her face. She grabbed my wrist and held on, preparing herself for the burden that would soon follow.

“Here it is…” I warned.
I pushed her head down on my cock as fast as it would go. And shot the rope of situs lain 188 hot seeds into her throat. She swallowed the first wave and continued to sip my cock milked every drop. I panted as she slowly licked my wet and sticky cock and kissed my ball until I was soft again.
“Thank you, Sis,” I said softly. She gave my cock the last squeeze and slipped away into the darkness.

“Alright, the lights will light up in ten seconds…” said the voice. I pulled my pants and tied my belt before wiping the sweat from my eyebrows. It was very intense, but I didn’t know how I would face Sarah when I got home. The lights are turned on slowly to full brightness. Little by little, the party visitors came out, mostly hooked on the way out. I hurried to my car, hoping not to meet Sarah. I go home quietly, my mind races.


Cerita Bokep Online – When I arrived at my house, the house was dark and silent. I closed the door slowly so as not to wake anyone up. Past Sarah’s bedroom on the way. I stopped. The lights are lit inside and the door is slightly open. I peek inside. She lay on her stomach, buried in a book. I cleared my throat and she turned to face me.

“Hey…” she whispered.
“Hey,” I replied.
“How was your night?” she asked.
“Pretty good. Yours?”
“Oh, I finished some home work… reading my books…sucking some cock…you know.”

She grinned and I smiled back.
“Good night, Sarah bola 88.”
“Night, David.”
I turned to leave.
“Wait…David?” she was called.
“Same time next week?”
“I will be there.”

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