Screwing My Drunk Mom

Screwing My Drunk Mom

Screw My Drunk Mom, Adult Story, XXX, Hard Cock, Eager Pussy, Pussy Fingering, Incest. Hardon, Wet Pussy, Cumshot, Jerk Off, Explicit Sexual.

Screw My Drunk Mom, Adult Story, XXX, Hard Cock, Eager Pussy, Pussy Fingering, Incest. Hardon, Wet Pussy, Cumshot, Jerk Off, Explicit Sexual.

I remember that day as if it was yesterday. My mother Emma came home drunk and crying. She had gone to a pub drinking with her friend Anne to celebrate her birthday. Anne had received a disturbing phone call telling her that her mother had fallen seriously ill and had been transported to the hospital.

It was mostly the drink, but the unexpected illness of Anne’s mother had struck Emma violently. When she returned, she was inconsolable and was going to wake Chad up from sleep so that she would not have to be alone while she waited. her friend called her to tell him how her mother was.

Sexually Drunk Mom

Chad was the only son of Emmas and his only family. His father had never been there. It was 19 years since they were both, he was all his life and she was his. Chad moaned when Emma shook him to wake him up. She put her hand on his firm body, feeling the young muscles on his chest. Chad turned to wake up, in the dim light of the corridor, Emma could distinguish the tent in his boxer his tail visibly erect pushed against the loose fabric of his shorts. His gaze fixed on his dick erect, for a brief second, his mind went astray, wondering what his son looked like, his tail erect standing proud of his body.

Emma often wondered if her son was a virgin or even gay. He had not had many girlfriends as a teenager and sometimes wondered if he would ever find true happiness.

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Chad straightened up and rubbed his eyes, waking slowly from his sleep, he looked at his mother and followed his gaze to his dick, embarrassed that he felt the blood running down his face. Chad pulled the quilt over his body, covering his erect dick, his dick now hidden, Emma returned to the reality of his dream, she told him the story of the mother of Anne and asked him to sit with her until to his call.

Chad agreed and said he would get up in a minute. Emma smiled at him and leaned down to peck him on the cheek. But in her state of drunkenness she fell forward. His hand fell on his bare chest, feeling the hardness of his young muscles.

Emma sat for a moment, her hand clinging to her muscular chest, Chad coughing, breaking the tension. “I’ll wait for you in the living room,” Emma pulled out, her speech clouded by alcohol. She spun on her bed and went to get up, but turning. Her hand slid down her body and lifted the quilt to reveal her body. Touched the head of his dick and slid his fingers down the length of his shaft. Chad moaned loudly as his mother’s fingers ran along his dick. His dick was shaking violently as they slowly slid down his shaft until they left her and found herself on her legs. Emma got up and walked to the living room.

She left the room and walked down the hall. She ran her fingertips over her nipples, remembering the brief feeling her son had against her as she walked. Her pussy was soaked, she was amazed at how wet she was, she definitely needed to get fucked quickly, it had been so long.

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Chad got up from his bed, dressed only in his boxer, pulled his dressing gown from the shed and put it on, tied it tightly to his waist. Slipped his hand between the folds and slipped his hand into his boxer and adjusted his erection in order to make it less obvious.

Chad was still waking up with a raging hardon, no matter if he slept seven minutes or seven hours. He had a particularly erotic dream: in his dream, his girlfriend Gwen was sucking his cock. The lips tightly wrapped around it while his head was shaking from top to bottom. A slight rumble in the throat then she was feverishly trying to get him to orgasm. Eager to taste the salty taste of her cum in her mouth.

In his dream, Chad was only moments away from orgasm when he was awakened by his crying mother. Asking him to keep the company until his friend called him.

Chad entered the living room behind his mother, watching her move under her dark skirts. Chad’s hardon gasped as he thought of his naked ass, his mind reminded him of the previous summer when he unexpectedly came home and saw his mother lying naked in bed

From where he stood, he could see her sitting in bed, her big firm breasts moving in waves against her arm as she ran her fingers over her clit.

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Emma’s eyes were closed and her breath was hoarse as she rubbed herself to orgasm. One hand between her legs and the other pulling hard on her nipple.

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Chad had pulled out his cock and wanked at it. Before feeling himself start to cum and pushing his cock in his pants and enjoying on his boxer. When he was done, he walked quickly to the front door and made a noise. To pretend he had just arrived home.

Chad’s hardon flinched as he walked behind his mother, and this showed no sign of slowing down. He waited impatiently for the release of orgasm and considered for a moment to go quickly to the toilet to relieve himself. But the sobs his living room mom meant he would not have that option yet.

Her mother was now sitting in her usual armchair by the window, she was bending forward, leaning forward, her hands on her back. Chad walked behind his chair and put his hands on his shoulders.

“Does your back still bother you?” He asked. “I could give you a quick backrub if you want.”

Emma sat up slightly, nodded and replied: “that would be good, it is more the upper part of my back, which is sore, between the shoulder blades”.

Chad put his hands on her back and began rubbing gently, while her thumbs worked on the knotted muscles along the spine between her shoulder blades, Emma moaned loudly as her son’s thumbs pushed her against his back.

“How is that?” Chad asked.

“Divine,” she replied, “you really should do this for a job. I would gladly pay to be worked like this more often.”

“My pleasure,” Chad replied.

After a few moments, Chad put his hands on his shoulders and began to rub her neck and shoulders. Trying to relax their tension.

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Emma moaned loud again, not a groan of relief, but more a sexual moan, a groan of excitement. Chad touched her neck and thought about his great erection did not help him either.

Emma always had a sensitive neck, a few times she had reached orgasm just after being kissed on the neck. And now, the combination of her drunkenness and the thought of her son’s erect cock. Combined with her delicate touch, made her more and more excited.

It had been a few months since she had been with a man. And she would give anything to be fucked long and hard.

Chad noticed that his breathing was changing and becoming almost ragged, and listened attentively as she moaned slightly every time he touched her neck.

After a few seconds and without warning, Emma leaned back in her chair, just as Chad’s hands moved forward, the opposite movements made his hands slide down her body and settle on her breasts, his hands gently cupping them.

Chad froze, expecting to be reprimanded for touching her, although it was accidental. But Emma was leaning back with her head on the back of the chair, looking at him and smiling, she really had not realized where her hands were, “I love you. “, she whispered as she lifted her hands and placed them on her forearms. Chad could not believe this, here he was with his hands holding her breasts and she was telling him that she loved him, not yelling at him as he expected. Chad, gently squeezing her hands, tightening his grip, dragged his thumbs down, driving them hard over her erect nipples.

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Emma moaned in her mouth when she felt discharges of electricity flow from her nipples to her pussy. Chad moved from behind the chair and knelt in front of her, placing himself between her legs. With her knees resting on her knees, he leaned forward and sucked on her hard nipple with his mouth, running her tongue over it.

That was enough for Emma, ​​she wanted his cock in her and would let him fuck her, no matter that he was her son, right now she needed to be fucked.

Emma felt her orgasm increase, this was going to be good. She looked her son in the eye, “ready?” Chad nodded enthusiastically. Emma smiled and pulled his cock into her pussy. She placed her head right inside of her and gently sank down. Feeling every exquisite inch of his cock as he slid inside her easily.

Slowly, she slowly sank until she felt his hips in his, now rocked back and forth, rubbing her clit against her pelvic bone. Suddenly her orgasm began, she put her hands to her tits and ran her fingers over her nipples, she collapsed forward and her tits fell on her face when she cum.

Chad felt her pussy clench tightly on his cock, pulled her hips back before hitting his cock hard against her. The slapping of their bodies beating together filling her ears. Emma shouted loudly, pushing back to meet her thrusts while fucking her almost brutally as she came.

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His hips were blurred when his cock penetrated her, Emma’s head was swimming. Her orgasm was easily the best she ever had. Now that it had reached its peak, he felt himself weakening and collapsed on top of it, with a sharp sigh. Chad slowed down, feeling her pussy relax the grip on his cock.

Now that it was his turn, Chad rolled Emma on his back and positioned himself between his legs, he grabbed his cock in his fist and placed it against Emma’s pussy. Gently, he pushed his hips forward looking at his cock slowly slide into her. He fell forward and lifted Emma’s legs up on her hips, opening them wider and feeling his cock slide deeper into her cunt.

Chad was unleashed, now that he was coming, he began to dive his cock faster and faster in her cunt. Emma released his grip with her thighs and rubbed her clit faster, enjoyed the third time his son was screwing her.

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Chad went faster and faster, his cock was making noise while his mother enjoyed the pussy screwed. Finally, with an animal roar, Chad came out of her pussy and grabbed his cock in his hand. A rope of cum burst at the end, pulling up and landing on her mother’s cheek.

Emma used her finger to pick it up and in her mouth. The second jet of cum burst out with as much force as the first, posing this time between her breasts. Forming a pearly pool that shone in the dim light of one of the lamps of the room. The third and fourth jets landed on the belly. Chad pointed the head of his cock against her pussy and moaned loudly when the last powerful jet landed on his clitoris engorged.

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Chad collapsed forward and forced his semi-hard cock into her pussy, fucking her gently until his now flabby cock slid out of her, Chad leaned over and kissed her, her belly over his overlying sperm that covered them both. Emma smiled and kissed her passionately, her fingers wrapping around his cock as she brought him back to hardness, “I love you,” she whispered as she pulled her hard cock back into her impatient pussy.

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