Mom Seduce Virgin Son

Mom Seduce Virgin Son

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Mom Seduce Virgin Son – At the end of my first semester at university. My grades were not in line with my mother’s expectations to say the least. To continue in pre-law I needed at least 3.5 or better. And when the mother received the tangkas 365 news that I was only 3.1 she was really scared. As the only provider of our household, she managed to get a scholarship through her law firm. But her partnership remained that unless my first year ended at a minimum of 3.5. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a big deal to those who read this, but I always maintain 3.8 until now.

The class that interests me most is English Language Composition where she demands that I study A.P.A. (American Psychological Association) form of formal critical writing. I started dating a very cute girl in my Critical Thinking class. And spent all my extra time trying to get into her underwear but failed. She took a lot of my time to tease me and said she loved me. But she refused to let me be physically close. Damn I didn’t get more than a lot of promises. And some of her beauty breasts were amazing, but I dated her 3-4 nights a week.

Aside from time away from my studies. I have spend almost half of the money in my summer work thinking that I had found true love. Every date starts with many promises but ends in frustration. Where the only sex I get is from the ‘pink palm club’.


Incest Porn Story – I have guarded the truth of my problem from my mother. By telling her that I was guided after school and studying with other class members. Mother asked for a parent teacher meeting and after that she was more angry than I had ever seen.

“I can’t believe you lied to me…your own mother. I tried hard to get this scholarship and you put it aside. I want to know exactly what is happening. The most painful thing is your lie to me…You have never told me a lie in your life and now…”

Mom couldn’t finish it because she was crying. I felt like trash. So I stopped at the park across the campus and parked under a tree to hide us. I did not want to see my mother’s tears. And of course I did not want togel 188 her to see tears begin to flow in my eyes. I have never been so ashamed of myself and the lie I say is just to get some pussy. After mother calm and able to speak. She saw tears in my eyes and realized that I was embarrassed by what I had done.

“I’m relieved realized you finally recognized what you did for our relationship. Now I want the truth..the whole truth why you lie. And what has brought you far from your studies. Is it drugs?”

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Mom Seduce Virgin Son – I shook my head and remained silent. I know the only way to improve things is to tell the truth but how. That I am very excited to have sex so I have messed up my first semester. How can I tell him that a girl at school drives me crazy because I want to lose a cherry. And find out what it’s like to have sex with a woman. I know she would be surprised that her son is a kind of obscene person. Who cannot distract him from the desire to make love.

Mother sat there in the park. Still sobbing and waiting a long time for me to open bola 88 and tell her what was happening. Finally she took my hand and approached me to try and comfort my tears and make me talk about it. “Honey, you never had a problem telling me what was on your mind. We were always very close…especially since your father and I divorced. You said it wasn’t drugs…is that a woman?”

Somehow, mom as usual knows more about me at times than I know about myself. When she said that; I started crying quietly and when tears fell from my face in shame, my mother started crying again. “I think that might be the problem, honey…you’re 19 years old. And never really had a close relationship with a girl. Have you ever had sex with a girl?”

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Incest Porn Story – When I don’t respond, mom says; “So, you’re still a virgin at the age of nineteen? God, honey, you must have a hormone that drives you crazy. No wonder I have to change your sheets almost every day. Your mattress is so stained with semen that I have to turn it over so it can dry. Now the other situs login 188 side becomes equally tarnished. “Mother chuckled and her laugh broke the ice and I began to open up.

“Gee mom…how embarrassing it is to know you have to deal with  my nightmare and sheets and everything…”
“Nightmare my ass…I heard you masturbated and groaned across the hall and into my room every night. So tell me…exactly what happened to damage your grades.”

I spilled my guts and told her all about the girl…trying to get pussy (no, I didn’t use those word…I said ‘sex’). And how I had spent too much money trying to got into her pants. It took a long time. Thank God for the dark because I was sure my face was as red as the fire. I felt on my cheeks because I was embarrassed to tell such things to my mother.

“Okay…now how are we going to handle this problem? What do you think needs to be done to get you back on track, young man?”
“Well, I think I should give up on my girl…It will never happen and I’m tired of trying something stupid. All the costs are my grades and lots of money and more frustration than I can handle. Maybe I should get some counseling to find other ways to divert my mind from sex. And find the love of a woman that I really want.”


Mom Seduce Virgin Son – “Don’t try to pull wool over my eyes. You have come to that place in your life where you need a woman’s love and sex from that relationship. Regularly to eliminate all the hormones that are raging on your stirring gonads. You produce so much sperm from your dreams and masturbation night. I’m surprised you managed to get the values ​​that you saved. If we can get the emotional and physical help needed by your mind and body. You have to go back again. Track in a short time.”

“Yes ma’am…all I have to do is find someone who is willing, cool, to fall in love with me. Give me all the situs lain 188 sex I want whenever I need it. So I can sleep better and have more time to devote my learning. There are no problems, right ?”

What mom said next surprised me. “Really dear. I have one woman at work…you know Mary; she not only thinks you’re cute. She’s also an absolute whore in terms of men. And I’m sure when I tell her what you need…she’ll give you all the pussy you want. (It was the first time I heard mom say the word ‘pussy’). She was one of the hot women of what I heard from people in the office. What do you think of my idea?”

The thought of a pimp for my mother is turning my mind off; “No, thank you, ma’am. If I succeed with a woman, it must be someone I love and respect. And feel the same about me. Sex is only part of my problem and if they don’t love me first… Well I’ll just take care myself and try to overcome the situation and get back on track at school.”

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Incest Porn Story – It pretty much ended the conversation. And mom calmed down when we went home. She kept holding my hand and patting my leg from time to time to let me know she understood. Damn, I don’t want some slutty that fuck everybody. My dream of having all kinds of satisfying relationships is with a woman who is like a mother… Someone I can trust and admire…a real woman who will love me for who I am. Not for my dick but for who I am as a person.

Now you must understand why I have never been ready for now. I want to have a real relationship based on someone who values ​​me. And will share his body with me because of love… Not just for physical relationships. I think my girl is tangkas 365 that type of person. But she is like everything I know. Every time I start approaching…they will retreat. Oh, they will easily go with me…let me spend money on them; But when it came time to close physically they all upset me. Damn, I understand very well that I’m not a handsome and somewhat nerdy man and a loner

I told my mother on the way home so she wouldn’t worry about me anymore. She kept squeezing my hand and patting my leg in a motherly manner. So I knew she understood what I was going through. The only thing she said was; “Honey, because you are a young man who goes through puberty. I always know that you have a deep emotional side that you want to love. I give you what I can when you are young. But I know when you become a man, that only your woman you love you most will satisfy your needs.”


Mom Seduce Virgin Son – I went into the garage and went down the stairs to my room. After hugging my mother and once again told her how sorry I was for what I had done. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said. “If you ever find a woman at work who is like you mother. I will try it but she has to match the 100% love and attention you have given me. Also… forget it.”

I got ready to sleep and lay in the dark staring at the ceiling. Thinking togel 188 about how understanding and beautiful my mother was. Forgiving me for what I had done at school and because my stupidity was with my girlfriend. I began to suffer as usual when I think of mother. Damn, it’s not the first time I’ve dreamed about it.

I didn’t think too much about screwing it up physically. Because it was about warmth, closeness, and knowing she loved me. And would do anything to help me become successful and find happiness. Her previous offer in the park to try and make me sleep with a woman in her office was proof. That she would do anything to make me happy. What else can a boy want from a loving parent? When I lay there in the dark jerking my cock. And thinking about how beautiful my mother. I heard a knock on my door.

“Honey…are you still awake?”
“Yes ma’am…just lying here thinking of everything we talked about. Thank you for forgiving me and willing to trust me again…thank you…I’m fine.”
“May I come in…I have something I want to say before you go to bed. Maybe that will make things a little easier for both of us.”

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Incest Porn Story – “Sure…enter.” I took my hand from my cock and turned on my side. So that she wouldn’t see how hard I am. When she entered my room slowly, what I saw surprised me to the point. Mother came to my room wearing the sexiest black lace nightgown I’ve ever seen. Then I realized right between my eyes…mother will seduce me!

“Oh my god mom…you look beautiful.”

“I get very hot thinking about you and your trouble baby. I just have to use it to see what you think when you see me in it. Is it okay if I go to bed with you to entertain you. Maybe I can do more than talk maybe…God, honey I’m very sorry. Obviously thinking of me in bed and touching you is disgusting.” She turned to leave.

“No mom…you’re wrong.” I pulled back the blanket to show my hard cock. Still dripping from thick, sticky semen all over the sheets. “I lost it when I saw how beautiful you look. But you don’t have to situs lain 188 do this for me. Look…I’m fine. You don’t need to try and give me more love than what you’ve given me as my mother. I don’t want you to do anything that you might regret later. “

My cock immediately began to hard again and it brought a wider smile on my mother’s face. Realizing I wanted it just as she wanted me. “Mom my bed is wet…what if we go to your room and lie on some dry sheets.”

“Baby in a few minutes this bed will wet more than now”. When she touched my cock and I began to kiss her. She shivered and said, “Here, feel what you just did when I touched your big hard cock.”


Mom Seduce Virgin Son – Taking my hand. She slipped it under her nightgown and put my fingers between the soft folds of her pussy. The first pussy I ever touched and really wanted to feel it. The slit was slippery with a spoonful of warm thick goo, which I tugged on my fingers. And carried to my lips tasting the essence of her juice for the first time. It was like an aphrodisiac bola 88 that moved from my lips to my brain and triggered. My cock started to move because my mother’s touch was slow and soft. And my balls began to swell with the usual feeling of other semen. But this time it was nourished by true love.

Mother felt what was happening and said. “you tasted me my dear, now I will get a good feeling from her baby. Don’t hold back, cum in my mouth and fill me with desire and show me your love. We have all night to take care of your cherries in my hot pussy. Tonight you will have me as your woman not just as your mother.

She moved under the blanket and started sucking my cock in a way I never dreamed of. In accordance with her words, I began to throw a thick and warm sauce from my maturity. In the sweet mouth of the girl of my dreams. My mother! I just found love that night.

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