Mom Nursing Son

Mom Nursing Son

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Mom Nursing Son – In my final year of high school, I had a stupid accident. I run track and field and my specialty is steepchase. So I always ran around practicing, jumping over fences and bushes. Then one day I missed my footing and bumped into someone’s garden fence. A broken piece of an old wooden fence stabbed me in a stain. And the doctor told me that I was Bandar Bola lucky it did not tear my ball. When I jumped, I landed my first face and instinctively raised my hand to protect myself. My face is fine, but my hands are badly scratched.

I left the hospital with my arms and arms wrapped. I also wore what looked like a diaper holding back a bandage that absorbed pus from my stitched wound. The doctor told me and my mother that I had to clean and replace the pads twice a day.

My mother is not happy. She looks older than 37 years. She worked at Walmart in crap work, since my father left us a few years ago. She works in a 10-hour shift and then likes to drink beer with her friends from work. I pretty much take care of myself. She has no time to date. She prefers to hang out with her friends and complain about men. Bastards who dump their wives and leave them with children.


Cerita Bokep Online – So the morning after my accident, I struggled to change my clothes. I couldn’t reach my diaper and pulled a lump of bandage there. I reluctantly called my mother for help. My mother was getting ready for work, sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee. And dragging her first vape when she heard me scream for her. She marched to my room and saw me swinging my hands in the air. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen her smile in a long time. She went to the bathroom and returned with a wet towel.

“Come here,” she ordered me to run to the side of my twin bed so she could sit. She briefly pulled my sheets and then lowered my Daftar Ibc boxer. I turned red with embarrassment, but at first she didn’t say anything. Pushing my feet so she could see the bandages and uncomfortable pads that needed to be replaced under my ball.

“Yeah, you’re bigger.” She finally said. We both laughed as she reached for my ball and gently pushed it aside. She has kitchen scissors that she uses to cut the old bandages that hold the pads. One hand holds the scissors, the other puts aside my ball. I looked down at the silly sight, my mother’s soft hands, and to my horror, I began to harden. I watched my penis twitch first, and I tried for myself to remain soft. But it was as if my mother was paying attention to that movement. She cupped my ball to move it. “When was the last time I saw your willy? Maybe you are 8 years old?”

“You need to take a shower!” She said. “I only smell the sack.” She smiled. “Didn’t see that coming, right?”


Mom Nursing Son – I shook my head without words. And then closed my eyes as my rough little dick committed to humiliating me. It began to swell and grow, standing in front of my mother who said nothing. When she wiped the Daftar Ibc Bet wound and continued to work on my bandages. “Sorry,” I whispered.

“That’s natural, son.” She leaned forward to take a closer look at the wound. But I retreated because I thought she was looking at my hardon. Then, as if to show me everything was fine, everything was fine. She cupped my ball back until her hands also wrapped around the bottom of my boner. I gasped at her strong grip but said nothing as she continued working on the wound with her other hand.

“Yours bigger than your father.” She finally looked at me and smiled. She waved my erection as if she wanted a better look from a different angle. “But you’re shaped like your father. The big curved one.” Suddenly my sister, poked her head, “What’s wrong, guys? OH MY GOD!” She screamed and danced away from the door. Then she returned, “MOM! What are you doing !?”

“I’m cleaning your brother’s bandages. Don’t be that stupid. You might have to help a few moments!” She laughed, said, ew, and disgusting, and ran back to her room.

Mom finally finished with the bandages. She then worked on my hands which fortunately did not require her to hold my cock. Even though I remained hard when she was done with me.

“I have to start working!” she stated. Then she kissed my forehead (something she hadn’t done for years). Knocked my pain killer on my bedside table, and left.

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Cerita Bokep Online – I took out a few pills and fell asleep. When I awake, I’m not sure about time. I needed a few blinks to realize that it was almost seven pm. I was starving, and I was still in bed, putting my damp blanket on. I heard the door my mother returned from the office. She walked to my room and breathed air. “Geez, you smell. Have you slept all day?”

I nodded. I get out of bed and go to the bathroom to pee. I stumbled back into my room where my mother had changed the sheets.
“Lie down,” she ordered, “I’ll give you a sponge bath.”
“Mom, no, I’m IBCBET fine.”
“Lie down. Do you want your poop to infect your wound?”

Reluctantly, I fell back into bed. But I did not expect my mother to immediately pull my shirt and then my pants. I closed my eyes when she started rubbing me with a towel and a bucket. Listening to her murmur that I was much bigger than the last time she gave me a shower. After I cleaned the sponge, she took out a bandage, opened my thighs and returned to cup my ball.

I quietly laughed at myself when I had erention again. This time, she laughed and said, “This is my baby boy!” She adjusted her grip to hold the ball and base my erection again.

“How are you and Janet?” she asked.
“We broke up last month.”
“Oh, right. See someone now?”
There is a strange silence. “So are you and Janet having safe sex?”
“Don’t yell at your mother! I can’t clean the wounds” She deliberately squeezed my ball¬† and I threw my arm to cover my eyes.

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Mom Nursing Son – My mom calmed down a little and I could feel her waving my wand. I peeked from my arm and could see it staring at my cock, like a snake charmer. Suddenly, she shifted her hand, so that instead of cupping my ball at the base. She calmly gripped my shaft and pushed forward like a gear shift to pull my ball away from the wound.

“Oh, so warm!” she says. I felt my mother’s hand grip my shaft a little. “So how many girls do you sleep with?”
“Just chatting, boy. I care about you. Clearly.” She laughed a little. “I mean here I am holding my adult son’s boner to clean his wounds. What kind of mother am I going to be?”
“Sorry,” I shifted on the bed, and to my horror. The movement made me push my cock in her hand, as if I was pumping her palm. “Sorry!”
“It’s okay. I made you. You are my flesh and blood.”
“I have a IBCbet Maxbet girlfriend.”
“Oh, that’s right! You’re still so young! I didn’t realize you had sex at that time!”
I blushed, “We just experimented.” I close my eyes, “What about you, ma’am? Has there been a boyfriend since father?”

“What? How? When? I work to put food on the table. I have a long shift. When do you think I have time to date?” She was playing around hitting my boner which caused me to jump.
“Sorry, I mean, why aren’t you?”
“No, too busy.” She finished with my bandages and walked out of the room.

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Cerita Bokep Online – Suddenly I heard my siste back. She ran to my door to peek. “OMIGOD, you’re still completely naked. What is that? OMIGOD, are you have boner?” She screamed and ran.

That night, I heard my mother on the phone chatting with a friend. “I haven’t seen a hard dick since my husband. And now my son is lying in bed with a boner that’s like a giant version of his father’s”. She giggled. “No! No! Of course not! Don’t get dirty, she’s my son!”

I assume her friend said something rude about me. When I go to sleep, I get hard again. But without the pain of my pain medication. It occurred to me that I could not escape with a bandage of hands. If I take my medicine, I will lose my boner and fall into sleep in 12 hours. But here I was, fully awake, firmly leaning on my stomach. I rolled, face down and began humping. But with every rush, I can feel pain in my stains. I began to worry that I was damaging pads. I gave up, took pills and fell asleep.

The next morning, my mother came into my room, pulled my blanket and saw 2 things. My morning wood, and bloody chaos. “What are you doing?” she screamed MAXBET.

I explained that I was flipping through the night before and maybe pulling the seams. She wiped me, muttered about my stupidity. “You’re lucky. The stitches are still there. They are not torn. What are you doing?”
“I’m trying to pee. I can’t. Sorry.” I am very angry at trying to explain this to my mother.

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Mom Nursing Son – “Oh,” she took a softer tone. She cleanses the blood and doesn’t say anything for a change. She took a wet towel and wiped my boner, my ball. Then she rinsed the cloth with hot water and returned to wipe my chest, my stomach. Then gently, he held my boner and pulled back my foreskin.

“Whoa! What are you doing?” I was horrified.
“It needs cleaning here. You don’t want dick cheese to give you an infection, do you?”

I turned my head while she carefully wiped my glands.

“Here we go, it’s like a big strawberry. Now everything’s nice and clean.” My mother finally took off my boner, but she didn’t pull my foreskin. “Looks Situs Bola Online like I can’t lift the hood,” she said cheerfully. I reached out to do it myself, but my bandaged hand was useless.

“Let mom do it,” she reached back and began massaging the head of my cock to work foreskin. I’m pretty tight there, my foreskin is usually pulled around the head of my cock. So it takes a lot of squeezing and pushing to get a part of it over a sparkling purple head.

But my mother’s soft hands and the movements she made, pushed and pulled the head of my cock. Only made me harder. And the harder I am, the bigger the head of my cock. And the harder it is for her to push my foreskin up.

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Cerita Bokep Online – “Mom, just leave it.”
“No, I’ll find out.” She squeezed and massaged as if my cock was a rubik’s cube to solve. “Oh-oh,” she said, “you are leaking.” Her finger tapped the tip of my cock in the precum sticky strands.
“Geez, mom, I’ll find out.” I tried to sit, but my mother pushed me back.
“I know what will work. If we get rid of this erection, your foreskin will reappear.” She began to deliberately and violently jack me up.

I froze, horrified, happy. I pointed my toes and peeked at my crotch to see my glowing red cock. Pulled like a cobra, in my mother’s little hand. She jacked me up from the center shaft, just below the head. Then, she stopped, ran to her room and returned with her hand lotion tube. She sprayed the line on my cock like soy sauce on a hot dog. And started working my shaft up and down. Her face was only an inch away so I felt her breath. I feel very confused. I enjoyed the handjob, but worried that my mother would do something else. Like, who knows, put me in her mouth.

But I don’t need to worry. I listened to the sloppy, slick-slippery wet sounds of her hands as the lotion jerked my reddish stem.

“What happened, mom?” My sister was at the door, staring in surprise.
“Nothing, just trying to help your brother restore his foreskin.”
She stepped into my room to look better, “Oh, my boyfriend doesn’t have it.”
“Your boyfriend is circumcised?” Mother asked, “And why are you playing with your boyfriend’s dick?”
“Mom!” She Situs Daftar Bola Resmi snorted.

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Mom Nursing Son – My face remained red with embarrassment. I could not look at my sister, even though she was fine standing there watching our mother jerk me. Eventually my toes cramped and I cum at my stomach. Sure enough, when I softened, my foreskin reappeared to its normal pouty position. My mother wiped the semen from my stomach, packed the towel and cleaning equipment and returned to the bathroom.

“I’m late for the shift, Conie. If I’m not home at 11 pm, you have to help your brother change the bandages.”
“Ew! I didn’t do that!”
“She’s your Brother Taruhan Bola, Conie. Don’t be annoying!”

That night, we received a message that mother was working late. So Conie jumped into my room to change the bandages. As soon as I became hard, she laughed, took photos, and jacked me up with 3 fingers.

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I have to clean my clothes for 2 weeks before the doctor can remove the stitches. For the remaining 2 weeks, my mother and sister jacked me twice a day. My mom did not say anything when she did. She stared at my erection as if it was a long lost treasure. She always starts by “accidentally” pulling my foreskin. And then masturbating me to make me soft enough to pull it back. Conie jacked me up quickly, giggling like playing with a joystick.

After 2 weeks, after the doctor removed the bandages and gave me a medical bill. My mother drove us home without speaking.

“Thank you for taking care of me Situs Judi Bola Resmi, mom.” I say rather weak.
“That’s what mothers do,” she said.

I got the impression that she was disappointed. She was disappointed she didn’t do anything to me when she had the chance.

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