Mom Encourage Masturbation

Mom Encourage Masturbation

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Mom Encourage Masturbation – “Honey, you ready?” she called up the stairs.
“Just a few more minutes mom, I’ll be down in a second.” I shouted.

I lay in bed, naked, stroking my dick, while watching my favorite porn video. The sounds of my hand sliding up and down my shaft filled the room. My cock lubed with all my precum. I love to jerk off, every chance I got. I could hear the stairs creaking as my mother come to my room.

“C’mon baby we have to go.” She said as she turned to my room.
“Oh dear, why do you masturbate now? You know we have to have dinner with Jill and Matthew in one hour!” She exclaimed in a serious tone. Jill and Matt friends are of the family.
“I know mom but I can’t help it. When you ask me to choose a pair of pants for you to wear. My cock got hard and I had to do something about it. ” I said I kept stroking my cock in front of my mother.

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Mom Encourage Masturbation– Let me stop here for a second and explain how my mother and I got so comfortable with this situation. About a year ago, right after I turned 20. My mother was always on my case about finding a girlfriend, and out of the house more. What she does not know is that I have found my dream girl, she is!

Growing up I always rifle through her underwear drawer in the search for smooth, silkiest panties I could find. Obviously, I would do this when she’s not home.

I will find the right person the right. Pair of Pink branded apparel-less cheek. They are red with a floral pattern on them. This is my favorite to drop a load inside. I’ll wash them once and throw them in the dryer and put them back exactly as I found them. I would do this every time I knew he was going out of the house for a period of time.

Well, like all things, it started to get less and less interesting. So I need to expand. I will repeat my process but I will try to hold until just before she got home. Sometimes I would cum right when she pulled in the driveway. And other times I’m so excited and I will cum too fast. Then came the day. It was a Saturday, around noon, and the mother had run to the store to find something for dinner.

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Cerita Hot Sex – Once she’s gone, I ran into her room to get her panties. But I can’t find my favourite panties. I looked and looked, but they were not there. I finally saw in dirty clothes, and there they were. I ran back to my room with my reward. I smelled them. Intoxicating! I pulled my sweat pants down and started stroking my 8 inches. Laid on the bed, her pants on my face, sliding my hand up and down my shaft. It will be a quick orgasm, I know. Then I heard my mother coming back in through the front door.

“Honey, I’m back. What do you say to pizza? I do not feel like driving to Wal-mart.” She asked, lightly jog up the stairs. I panicked I do not know what to do, but I have evil thoughts. ‘What if I just stay here and continue with my masturbation?’ ‘Do I have the guts to do this?’ I can not think fast enough before shes on my doorstep. She stopped and just stared. I too also stared her.

Finally, she blinked and entered my room. “So you want pizza?” She asked like nothing happened.
I can’t answer. “I…I…yeah. It’s fine.” I managed to squeak out.
“I’m sure it will be better after you blow this burden.” She says.
I am surprised. ‘Is my mother just say that?’ My mom just said that.

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Mom Encourage Masturbation– She could see my face that I was lost for words. “Look, I get it. You sexually frustrated and this is how you release it. That was fine baby. I do not care how you release it, you just have to. If the clothes I help you cum then, I have no problem with you using they.”

“Are you serious mom, you are not angry with me? You will not even yell at me?” I ask.
“Honey, masturbation is…is…beautiful! You’re getting rid of stress and anxiety, and you make yourself feel better. Why would I be mad at you for that? I also masturbate, there is no reason you should feel like you have to keep this privately. ” She said, as she sat on the bed.

“I want you to feel free to jerk off anywhere in the house you want. You can be naked if you want. I really don’t care. You are a man and you’re 20 now. You are an adult and can make his own decisions. If you want to release it and bust a nut in your house, why do I have to stop you. But that means I can masturbate whenever, and wherever I want as well. Is that a deal? ” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

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Cerita Hot Sex – “Yes mom that sounded good to me. So I can cum anywhere I want, and I can be naked all day if I want to?” I answer.
“Yes baby, you can do whatever you want. Stroke and shoot your load all over the countertops if you want. Do not hesitate. As for now I’ll order a pizza and get naked. All this talk has made me soaked. Do you want to use the pants I’m wearing now, or keep them in your hand? ” She asked.
“Yes, I was super hard. I really need to cum. Can I have the pants you’re wearing?” I asked, stunned.

She stripped down to her bra and panties. In one motion swoop them off and she threw them in my chest. I could see her pussy. I’ve dreamed about it many, many, many times. She has a landing strip of pubes, and pussy is like you see in the MILF porn Agen Sakong.

“Here you go dear. Now finish masturbating and getting ready for dinner. I’m going to do the same.” She said, blowing a kiss.

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Mom Encourage Masturbation– That was the day everything changed. No more sneaking around. No more hiding my jerk off sessions from her. No more cleaning my cum load. Life is great. Which brings us to today. My mother had just walked in my room, I expect to be ready for our dinner date with some friends.

“All right, well make it quick. I’ll stay here and watch. I know that always make you cum harder and faster. Please, strokes your big cock for me baby. Cradle your ball, and the stroke end. Yes, spread precum whole head ! ” She was very encouraging.

I was close to cumming before she came. “Oh fuck mom, I’m going to cum for you. Say you want to see it!” I demanded. It really makes me die when she would say it.

“Cum for me baby, I want to see you shoot that fat load. Jerk that cock for me. Damn, blow your load. Shoot all over the floor. Yes, it wreaks havoc with your cum baby.” She said in a dominating voice.

I can not take it anymore. I rolled off the bed and onto my knees on the floor. I let out a low, aggressive moans, and released a huge cumshot all over the tiles in my room.

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Cerita Hot Sex – “Fuck AHHHHH MOM, WATCH ME CUM!” I scream in pure pleasure.
“Oh baby, look at all that cum, shot the baby. Oh my god, there are so many. Keep stroking the baby, keep Cumming. Mommy watch.” She encourage me.

I cover the floor with a volley of semen. Still stroking the last few drops from my cock, I fell backwards into the side of the bed. My mother sighed heavily, and walked out of the room.

“We do not have time to clean that up, throw your clothes and meet me in the car. You drive because mommy was wet like ocean right now. Let’s go!” She screamed from the bottom of the stair case. I just sat there for a second and watch my cock softened. And I saw a puddle of cum I just shot from my dick.

“It will be a fun trip car,” I said, getting up and dressed for dinner.

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