Incest Neighbour

Incest Neighbour

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Incest Neighbour – The day after I moved into my first house I meet my neighbors. Dan Morris and his beautiful twenty year old daughter, Ashley. He kindly invited me to taste the famous county barbecue pork ribs that weekend. Bandar Liga 188

Her daughter is much more interesting to me. She is as slim as his father, long and blond hair. That day he was wearing it curly, but now when I see her it is usually in pigtails. That’s how he likes her to wear it. When they came to see me. Ashley wore a short skirt and a tank top with a cherry in the chest. Breasts, I could not help but notice, it was awesome…perfect, if you will. A man sized handful of each.

They helped me organize my living room that day. And when Ashley was asked to use my bathroom. She came back with the observation that the guest room windows looked directly into her bedroom.

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Cerita Hot Sex – “Yes I sleep there. Isn’t that funny, daddy?”
Dan laughing and making jokes about me spying on her daughter. “Keep your pants on, young man.” He laughed, gave Ashley a squeeze around the shoulders. I swear I saw the fingers and stopped at the top of her breasts. I just pretended not to see.

One night, when I was getting ready for bed, I walked past my spare room. I saw a glimpse of light, and looked through the window. There I saw Ashley sat up in bed. She stared straight ahead and talking to someone. I almost moved, but then Ashley slipped one of his hands under her skirt. Giving me a view of her inner thighs. I froze.

I walked into the room and position a deck chair facing the window. And I’m sitting, watching Ashley play with her panties, tease anyone lucky enough to be in that room with her. I watched as she used her fingers to get rid of her pink satin panties, unveiling a 188 Mobile Login fat pink cunt.

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Incest Neighbour – Ashley leaned on one hand, her hair slipping from the shoulder hung over the bed. A large figure moving toward her, and after entering the light, I saw the lucky devil is Dan.

“What?” I whispered, sitting forward in my chair. Ashley’s dad kneeling on the ground between her delicious young legs. His hands grabbed her knees and move up to spread more. My dick was getting hard. I’m not even sure if it was Ashley hotness, or taboo situations that make my dick hard. But nevertheless, it was intense.

Dan’s head is pressed into his daughter’s pussy. And from Ashley’s face, I knew he was giving her a large amount of pleasure. Her soft lips formed O like in ecstasy, ever so often she moistened her lips with her pink tongue. After a few minutes. Dan stand up and removed his daughters pants.

Ashley reached out to touch her father’s belt, removing the buckle and lose his pants. Dan grabbed her hand and pushed it away from him. He said something to her, and she stood up. She stripped slowly, turned towards the window. I swear she could see me, but if she did, she certainly did not show it.

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Cerita Hot Sex – Dan got behind her, stood pressed to her back. His hands ran to her naked breast. She closed her eyes and leaned into him, letting her father stroked her gorgeous naked body. My cock is throbbing, this beautiful woman, she was amazing, goddess.

Her skin is milky white, slender arms and neck. Full and curvy thighs, pink nippled breast. Dan kissed her daughter’s neck, he started to finger her delicious plump pussy. Ashley reached back and threaded her fingers through the Dan’s hair. Licking her lips as her body began to grind back against him.

Dan fingering her pussy until she began to cum, her body shaking in a sheen of sweat. As her mouth wide open in a scream I can almost hear. Dan turns Ashley around mid-orgasm and pushed her down on the bed. He took the belt from the ground and folded, pull it tight with a snap. Ashley stopped trembling and looked over her shoulder at his father. As he brought the belt down hard on her ass.

ponytail whipped in the air as she turned back to the sheets. She reached her arms up and braced myself against the wall. And bring the belt across his shoulder, leaving a streak of red on white skin smooth. Another lash of belt hit her thick thighs, and another in the lower back. He whipped her legs, calves, and inner knee and return on her delicious ass cheeks.

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Incest Neighbour – Ashley head lean back with every whipped belt, and I swear her face contorted with pleasure. Dan stop whipping her sexy daughter. He grabbed her hair, whipping her head back. Her eyes were closed, but she moved the hands on the wall to grab her ass.

She pulled her ass cheeks apart, and her father smiled at her. Releasing her ponytail to lift the belt on it. He let the belt fall, landed hard on her splitted ass cheek, and left a mark on her fingers. I know she was crying, but it definitely makes Dan whip harder. He keeps whipping her ass, until it glows red.

Ashley looked behind her, moving to lift herself. But her father shook his head, grinning. She released her ass and slid down slightly, so her ass up in the air. Dan removed his pants, let the cock spring out, long and hard. He licked his finger and put it into her ass, wetting her puckered hole. Then he bent over her, pushing his cock into her asshole.

I saw her fingers digging into the sheets as Dan pushed himself deep inside her hole. He pulled back, leaving only the head of his cock in her, then thrusting back. I turned my attention to my own throbbing cock. I released my cock from sweat pants, rubbing slowly, then gripped it firmly to pump harder.

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Cerita Hot Sex – I saw Dan began to pump faster and harder in her asshole. She holds himself by pushing against the wall, her hot body moves back and forth with each delicious thrust. And finally stopped, his cock buried deep inside her, it was obvious he was going to come.

Ashley’s dad pulls himself out of her, a string of semen shimmered between them. She stood up, and her dad’s semen dripping onto the floor, some running down her leg.

Dan’s  naked daughter walked to the window. Where she put her hand on the cold glass and looked back at her father. He wiped his cock with a tissue, and I watched it grow harder. This guy is a machine. I’m ready to explode, and I knew once it was over I would probably faint.

When his cock was restored to its hardness, Dan rolled a condom on himself. Then he walked behind his daughter and lift her legs. She stared at the window, almost looking right at me. As her father hit his cock inside her dripping cunt. She screamed, I heard it this time, she was quite close to me.



Incest Neighbour – With one hand to kept Ashley feet in the air, others roam freely on it. He grabbed her breasts, massaging like I just wish I could do. He was fucking her steady, his old cock pumping in and out of the plump cunt. She was talking to him. I don’t quite understand, but it caused him to pump harder.

Immediately Ashley’s face wrinkled with pleasure, and her body was pretty shaky. She is cumming again, and Dan followed soon after. Ramming himself last time into the Ashley cunt. And screaming so loud I could hear him as if he were in my house. I pumped myself hard until my mind was blacked out because I was yelling my own amazing orgasm.

When I finally opened my eyes I saw Ashley stood alone at her window. Still naked and looked straight at me. Se licked her finger and put it into her cunt, grabbed her tit with the other hand. She tilted her head back and after a few minutes of painful work of herself she reach another orgasm. When she finished, she looked back at me, leaned forward and kissed the window. Then she walked away. A minute later the lights went off, and I went to bed.

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