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Hot Innkeeper Juicy Cunt

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Hot Innkeeper Juicy Cunt – I was touring Scotland in renting a car. Make the best of the late summer after most of the tourists have gone. I was alone and enjoy the solitude of the hills and valleys. But one thing I did not enjoy was the lack of female company. Especially the lack of a woman’s body wrapped round mine in bed. I was in a long-term relationship that is just painful breakup. And I returned to the solitary pleasure of Mrs. Hand and ever faithful daughter.

Twilight fell. That is when I see a “Bed & Breakfast Master Kiu Motel” sign at the beginning of the track. That ended up a hill to an isolated farmhouse. I headed down the track and knocked on the door. The door opened, and there she is. She looked early twenties, about ten years younger than me. Looking for a wild beauty with tousled blond hair down to her shoulders. Almost involuntarily my eyes explored her body. She was a big plump girl in gray wool jumper loose bulging over the top with well stacked deck. Under her in faded blue jeans.

For a few seconds, we just stood there staring at each other. Then I heard a gruff voice from behind her. “Who is it, Fiona?” A man appeared behind Fiona. He looked in his fifties, tough, fit and slim, gray hair and gray beard. I explained I see their notification. I soon know that he was her father. That there was a room available and that my company is more than welcome in their lonely home.

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Cerita Hot Sex – I followed Fiona up the stairs. All the way until my eyes fixed on her tight blue jeans more toned down his well rounded swinging over. The room was simple with a double bed, a wardrobe and a bathroom, all I needed. As I stood there looking around the room Fiona went to the window. Turned back to me, and bent down to look out. her jeans over her ass tightened.

“You get a very good view from here,” said Fiona.
She swung her ass just a little, but quite sensual. Denim dress and rubbed her thighs together in erotic way. There was enough daylight to see the dark hills against the blue sky. And the only hill I am interested in are the two hills bulging under her jumper. Fiona stood up and turned to me, with legs slightly spread.

“You’re looking at the bottom aren’t you?” I felt my face began to turn red.
Before I could think of something to say she reached into the front of her jeans. Unzipped them and unlock the button. Her jeans jump open to reveal white cotton pants with a top end of embroidery. She spreads her legs further, his thumbs hooked in above the waist. And pulled her panties down far enough ahead to show bush brown pussy hair. She thrust her hips forward towards me.

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Hot Innkeeper Juicy Cunt – “Touch my pussy!” she gasped excitedly.
Almost subconsciously I slid my hand down between Fiona spread legs. Wet with her juices. She moaned softly and lifted the front of his jumper. Big breasts draped over looks just big enough to hold them. As explored my hand between her legs, with my fingers gently stroking along her pussy lips.

“When my dad came out tonight,” she said excitedly, “can we? It’s been so long. Oh, please.”
I suspect he did not get much chance with the man in the house. She said her father will go out about half an hour into town for a drink with his friends. And he will not return until he spend the whole night. She said she was on the pill “just in case,”. Been a long time since I felt the woman’s cunt and got my shaft up one. I certainly would not reject what is frustrated big boobed blonde lustful sex offer me.

We going downstair. At the moment I would I get my stuff from the car. Fiona’s father prepared with a good bottle of single malt for our “wee dram. ” I learned from him that Fiona’s mother had died a few years before, leaving her father a widower.

Fiona disappeared for a few minutes. When she came back I felt another electric shock hit me. She changed from a casual jumper and jeans into a red dress. Attached to the curve and ended up high on her knee. The thin red cloth also made it clear she was not bothered with a bra. And she left a few top buttons undone so that her big breasts about to bounce out at any time.

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Cerita Hot Sex – I was surprised her father did not notice her daughter provocative clothes and behavior. Especially since he would leave her alone with me at home. I wonder if he’s past it. I’m also glad he did not see the bulge of my straining erection. After what seemed an eternity of frustration waiting for Fiona’s father left. Once the noise and lights of his ancient Land Rover has worn down the track. Fiona and I was in my room.

We wrapped round each other directly with Fiona hands round my shoulders. My hands began to round the waist then slid down her back to explore the large soft ass. I lifted the back of her dress to caress the soft smooth thighs and butt and hungry moistened cunt.

We separated on each other just to undress each other. We both panicked. Fiona hands trembled and she moaned with delight as she fumbled with the buttons of my shirt. Being just a dress and underwear Fiona is the first naked. Swinging her big round breasts heavy and deliciously sensual movement. And her red nipples already peaked with the passion of her pink areoles.

She crouched naked in front of me to pull my blue cotton pants down. Almost immediately after my erect penis bouncing out Fiona slipped over her lips. With her lips capturing back corona of my penis she rolled her tongue tickle my frenulum. I let out a snort of forced sexual pleasure. I can take any amount of it! I grabbed her head and tried to push my cock deeper into her mouth. But mercifully she stopped and looked at me.

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Hot Innkeeper Juicy Cunt – “That’s what men like, isn’t it?”
Before I could answer Fiona already stand up. Then the two of us in bed together naked wrestling. In our frantic lust our hands and lips explore every inch of each naked body in every foreplay position. We spent a long time in 69 position enjoyed each other. Fiona above my head poking my penis with her tongue and kissed and touched my shaft. With my head squeezed between fat thighs and my face buried in the bush pressed her pussy. I could hardly hear the screams excited when I got my tongue between the lips of her cunt.

I could hear Fiona writhing on top of me and was shaking with excitement passion. She rolled me onto the bed next to me. Her legs spread wide and fold it so that her knees were near her shoulder. Her cunt gaping wide, glistening with juices and the inner labia swell out.

I knelt between her spread thighs. I gently pushed labia passionate with my penis head. While enjoying the view of willing naked girl in front of me with her legs spread wide. Her large breasts quivering with passionate breath. Matted blond hair spread over the pillow, and she has a hungry, pleading look in his eyes.

With a single movement I was on top of her with my penis in her full length. Her naked body against mine soft and warm beneath me. She grunted and squealed as I treat him with a hard thrust. I felt her body tense beneath me, her legs wrapped round my thighs and arms wrapped over my back. She hugged me so tight I could have continued to fuck her. Fiona screamed as orgasm exploded, she was shaking and the heels beat against my ass. Fingernail scratch my back, but I will not complain!

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Cerita Hot Sex – Then when she relaxed under me, but with arms and legs still wrapped round me. After a few minutes of wonderful fuck I came. I pushed firmly on the bed with thrust orgasm when I snapped a warm load into her. One or two minutes later I rolled off her and lay on her side with my flaccid penis. And warm semen dripping on my side.

I think that has been a very nice fuck if I would get a chance to get up again. Before her father returned. Then it happens. The room door was already open. Fully opened and Fiona’s father walked in. He stopped right beside the bed and stood there looking at us. For a instant I thought I had it. Then, as if in slow motion I realized that he was naked except for a pair of women’s panties. And so short that his big cock sticking almost vertically above his navel.

“Did I do it the way you want to watch, Daddy?” I heard Fiona said. As he spoke she got up and knelt down next to me. On the opposite side of me to her father, facing him.
“You’re red hot, girl. And you too, my son!” Fiona’s father said with a lewd smile on his rugged face. After he pretended to leave us obscene sneaked back to watch his daughter getting stripped and fucked.

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Hot Innkeeper Juicy Cunt – Fiona’s father pull his pants down. His thick hairy balls so erotic underlined huge erection. Definitely at least eight incher with red-purple mushroom head big. Then he moved so muscular hairy thighs against the bed right next to me. And he thrust his cock toward Fiona.

Fiona leaned across me towards her father so that her breasts swinging above my weight. She took a big head cock into her mouth as she did with me. The he released his cock from her mouth.

Fiona’s father reached down, and with her panties still hanging round his penis he started jerking. Tuggung the foreskin with his thumb and forefinger a ring round the shaft and stroking his penis full length.

“This is what you like, isn’t it, daddy?” Fiona said as her father began to masturbate.

As she spoke she swung her leg over me so she knelt astride me closer to her father. She holds her large breasts to him. Her pussy wide spread astride me. My semen dripping from her gaping cunt, trapped in her pubic hair and ran inside her spread thighs.

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Cerita Hot Sex – As Fiona’s father jerking he ran his spare hand over her daughter’s naked body. Lingering on her thighs, fondling her breasts and reached to ruffle her pubic hair and caressing her cunt. He slipped his fingers into her gaping slit. Who gets Fiona moaned with excitement and his fingers were wet with semen residual. All I can do is watch.

Fiona’s father clearly knows how to hold too. He spent ages masturbate and play with Fiona’s body as his hand pumped his cock. As he wanked, Fiona reached out to tickle the ball. Finally he resist no longer. Pulling at the shaft he thrust his hips forward. Fiona leaned toward him so that the head of his cock rubbing her daughter’s breast. He growled out long in “Nngghh!” like the noise I make when I cum. His big spurt of cum splashed on Fiona’s tits.

The next morning Fiona wants me to stay for longer. Her father really gone this time, for the agricultural business he ran in a nearby town. But I have to get a hire car back and catch a flight back home. After an excellent breakfast served by Fiona naked except for an apron I was reluctant to leave. But I promise I will be back. To perform for her and her father the next Scotland vacation that I already planned.

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