Fun Sex With Granny

Fun Sex With Granny

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Fun Sex With Granny – My name is Adam. I am typical of your eighteen year old young man. I am six feet an inch tall with short blonde hair, blue eyes, and an average body. And I am always excited and dream of having hot sex with women.

I was eighteen in early July. My parents insisted that I spend a tangkas 365 long weekend on Grandma Emily’s farm. I protested but lost because they stated I had to visit her before I went to college. At first I was reluctant but gave up. To make it worse, my mother insisted she take me to grandma’s farm, located ninety miles away. She said she would be back on Monday to pick me up.

Grandma Emily is fifty-eight years old and still attractive. He has long blonde hair with blue eyes. He always has blond hair to hide his gray hair. Grandma also has a slim body with white skin sprinkled with several spots.

Grandma Emily is fifty-five years old and still attractive. She has long blonde hair with blue eyes. She always has blond hair to hide her gray hair. Grandma also has a slim body with white skin sprinkled with several spots.


Incest Porn Story – Grandma Emily and I watched TV for thirty minutes after I first arrived at her farmhouse. We talked a little to catch up, because it had been a year since I visited her.

“I will go to the grocery for some food for the weekend.” she said
“Okay, Grandma,” I said, kissing my cheek. I thought while I looked at her with the yellow Sun Dress leaving the living room. I have to get rid of the evil thoughts that appear in my head.

“You can watch some of video tapes,” grandma said from the front door.
“Okay,” I said.

She left the house. I saw four togel 188 tapes and the “Hot Fun” labeled make me interest. So I put them in the VCR and started watching them. My jaw fell to the floor in shock! I saw Grandma Emily naked nude doggy style fucked by Grandpa Jack. The tape looks twenty years old. I got an instant boner watching Grandpa jack fuck Grandma doggy.

Grandpa Jack died six years ago and Grandma Emily retired. She bought this farm house to enjoy life.

The last scene on the tape shows Grandpa’s cock pulling out of Grandma’s pussy. He shot a lump of cum in her mouth. She swallowed with a smile on her face. I am aroused. I took out a cassette from the VCR and decided to check the room.

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Fun Sex With Granny – I went to her room and went up to her dresser. I opened the top drawer and began checking her cotton pants. After that I found a big black dildo in the drawer. I couldn’t help myself and started sucking a dildo knowing that it had been in her pussy recently. I heard the sound of Grandma Emily’s car driving on the gravel road. I put the dildo back into the drawer, closed it and rushed out of her room.

After I helped Grandma Emily stacking her groceries. She told me that she wanted to take me to dinner at a local restaurant. We left the house and she drove me to the warehouse. I helped her open two large doors to the warehouse and we stepped inside.

My eyes sparkled as soon as I saw the dark red 1957 bola 88 Bel-Air Chevrolet. Owned by Grandpa Jack with a red interior. It is in very good condition. To added my surprise, she handed me the keys. I knew she wanted me to drive. I always wanted to drive Bel-Air since I was a kid.

When I was behind the wheel of Bel-Air, I saw something on the left side of the warehouse. It was a soft bench tilted to the ground with four short pillars to the side. I think it’s something for livestock and don’t think about it. It started Bel-Air with a smile.

During the trip to nearby diner restaurant, all I could think of was the grandmother’s fucking footage. My cock goes up in my jeans. I was afraid she might see a bulge in my pants. So I forced my attention on this beautiful classic Chevy Bel-Air 57.

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Incest Porn Story – After a nice dinner, Grandma Emily decided to go to the countryside. I agree because I want to spend more time behind the wheel. Seven minutes have passed and the sun will soon be set below the horizon. We drove along the other two-lane village road. “Lower the dirt road in front to the left,” said Grandma Emily. I obeyed and turned left onto the dirt road.

“Bring it to the end,” she said. I want to know where she took me.

I drove Bel-Air to the end of the dirt road and ended up in a land parking lot. “Park near the coastline,” she said. I do what she say and parked the pickup where she wanted me to park.

“Turn off the engine. We can sit here and watch the sun set under the horizon,” she said.

I obey and turn off the engine. We sat there and watched the situs login 188 sun set under the horizon. Grandma Emily looked around and saw that we were the only ones parked on the lake tonight. She opened the glove box and took out a plastic bag containing six joints.

“Is that a pot?” I said a little shocked because I don’t think she smoked it.
“Of course. I hope you don’t mind, because I can imagine kids your age smoking a little weed,”
“Ah, of course,” I said but I never smoked before.
“Good,” said Grandma Emily. She removed one of the joint, reached back in the glove box, removed the match and turned on the joint.


Fun Sex With Granny – So here I am on my grandfather’s old bell Bel Air with grandma smoking. I think I’m dreaming. After we smoked, the sun had gone below the horizon. She turned on the second joint. I was very jazzed after we finished the second joint. I did not see her scooted in the seat and sit next to me. When I realized what she situs lain 188 was doing, I didn’t mind.

“Do you know what?”
“What?” I say.
“Your grandfather and I will go down to this lake when we are teenagers. In fact, we go down in the Bel-Air,” she said and put her left hand on my right thigh.
“That’s cool,” The feeling of his hand on my thigh began to make my cock ride on my jeans.”We’re make out here late at night,” Grandma Emily said, moving her hands up and down my thighs.
“Do you want to know a little secret?”
“What is that?”
“I gave your grandfather the first BJ here,” she said and ran her hand to my crotch. “Oh, I see this makes you excited,” she said and felt my crotch.

“Yeah,” I said in a low voice and liked the feeling of her hand in my groin.
“So, are you watching one of my tapes?”
“Ah, right,” I said in a hestitated low voice.
“I like to get fucked by your grandfather,” she massaged my crotch of jeans. “I miss having a good hard cock banging my pussy,” she added.


Incest Porn Story – I was very hard in my jeans. While she massaged my crotch and heard her talking dirty.

“Oh, I know you enjoyed this conversation,” she said with a smile.
“Y..yes,” I said in a low voice.

Then to my surprise, Grandma Emily unzipped my jeans. “Why don’t I give you tangkas 365 a BJ,” she said, unbuttoning my belt and jeans. Weed finally took over my common sense. “Okay,” I said, lowering my jeans and my shorts to my ankles.

“I’m going to like this,” she said while she looked at my seven and half inch hard cock.

Grandma Emily lowered her head to my cock. I don’t believe what happened to me. I don’t care, remember the tape. I don’t care if my grandmother will suck my cock. Weed took over my common sense. Grandma Emily ran her tongue around the head of my cock. She ran the tip of her tongue up and down the hard shaft of my cock. After a few seconds of doing that, she opened her mouth and began to suck on my cock’s head.

I groaned in a low voice. She took the entire length of my cock into her mouth and I could feel the back of her throat. Then a few minutes her head rose up and down when she gave me my first blow job. I couldn’t help myself and put my left hand on the back of grandmother’s sun dress. Her butt cheeks feel comfortable and tight.

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Fun Sex With Granny – So that’s where we were. Her head up and down sucking my cock in the front seat. I was very aroused and didn’t care if anyone caught my grandmother sucking my cock.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t help myself anymore. “I’ll cum, grandma.” I was surprised she didn’t take my cock out of her mouth. Instead she gripped my head with a tight mouth.

“Ahhhhh!” I shouted when Grandma Emily gripped the head of my cock tightly with her mouth. She let my cum lump into her mouth. My cock was finished spraying out my cum. She took my cock from her mouth. She opened his mouth to show me her gift. She swallowed while smiling. “I like drinking semen,” she said then bent and kissed my lips.

“Let’s go home, darling,” she said and stayed seated by my side. I started up the car with a smile. Turned on the lights, backed it up and headed back down the dirt road.

After we returned to the farmhouse, we huddled on the couch and watched togel 188 TV. It was nine o’clock and we both slept. Grandma Emily slept in her own bed and I slept in the next room.

It’s already one o’clock in the morning. Grandma Emily woke me up.

“Come on, Adam, we still have two to join again to smoke,” she said when I opened my eyes. I looked at her and saw her wearing an oversized white shirt. And had a plastic bag with two joints in her hand. “Come on, this is the full moon outside. Let’s get stoned again.”


Incest Porn Story – “Sure,” I said in a nervous voice and got out of bed wearing nothing but a boxer. Grandma held my left hand and drove me out of the room, past her house and onto the back porch. I saw the blanket covering the wooden fence when we reached the back porch. “Take the blanket, sweet heart,” she said.

I grabbed the blanket and we walked from the back porch and walked through the grass holding hands. We walked sixty feet from home and spread blankets on the grass. We sat on it and immediately started smoking one of the joints while enjoying a beautiful full moon. We finished the second joint. I am stoned.

Grandma Emily stood up and took off her shirt. My mouth fell open when I saw her standing naked. The full moon provides light for me to catch a glimpse of her naked body. I glanced at his A-Cup breasts and found they were still excited at her age. Her nipples are hard because of the cold night air. I glanced down and saw that she shaved her cunt.

Grandma Emily returned to the blanket on her back. “Grandma has to fucked under the full moon,” she said, opening her legs and starting to rub her shaved cunt. Seeing her naked beaver is too difficult to fight. I take off my shorts and climbed her.

Grandma hugs my chest and kisses me. I immediately felt situs lain 188 her tongue enter my mouth. We French kiss. She reached down and put the head of my cock at the opening of her cunt. “Be a good grandson and fuck your grandmother,” and began to move the head of my cock into her cunt.

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Fun Sex With Granny – “You are very wet,” I said while my cock slipped deeper into my grandmother’s cunt. “Because I’m so aroused for you,” she moaned, feeling a seven and half inch hard cock in her cunt. I started pumping her pussy and she wrapped her legs in my waist.

I do not believe that I am outside under the stars and full moon fucking with my own grandmother. “I’m a whore. Fuck this whore,” she cried. Grandma Emily opened her legs from my waist and shot them straight into the air. “Yes, yes, yes! I like your cock!” she shouted a little harder.

I groaned while I pumped my grandmother’s cunt. “FUCK ME, Adam. FUCK YOUR GRANDMOTHER,” she shouted and I didn’t care if anyone heard us. “AHH!” Grandma shouted and her fingers pointed at the stars when she had an orgasm. “YEESSS!” she shouted during orgasm. “FUUCCKIINGG YEES!” I kept pumping her pussy and I knew I would not last long. And it starts. “I’ll cum, grandma,” I groaned into her left ear.

“Cum in my cunt, son” she said. After a few more pumps, I can’t stop it. “AHHH!” I cried and threw a lump of semen into my grandma’s cunt. “FUCCKK!” Grandma Emily shouted as I groped her pussy giving her another orgasm that shook her body.

I finished squirting the cum into her cunt. I stay on it and we kiss with our tongues dancing to each other. We hugged and kissed for five minutes. Then we got up and collected blankets. We walked back to the farmhouse holding hands.

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Incest Porn Story – I joined Grandma Emily in bed and we hugged bola 88 naked and felt asleep. I slept with a satisfying smile on my face. It was six o’clock in the morning. I woke up. It took a few seconds to realize that I was sleeping next to my grandmother. Thinking about the last night’s adventure gave me another erection.

Grandma sleeps very peacefully and I don’t know if I should try something. After a few seconds of arguing in my mind – I decided to do it. There is something that jolts me to watch porn movies that I have to try.

I lowered the blanket from Grandma’s naked body. I saw her sweet cheeks. An evil grin grew on my face. I moved my face to the slit of the ass cheek. I leaned over and moved the tip of my tongue upwards and into the slit of her ass. I made sure it was a touch that was light enough to give me a feeling.

Grandma doesn’t move. I ran my tongue deeper and lower the slit of his ass. Grandma doesn’t move. I can’t refuse. I ran deeper into the slit of her ass and ran the tip of my tongue in the asshole. Grandma moves with a groan. The tip of my tongue spread around the asshole. Grandma Emily groaned. “Are you licking my asshole?” she says. It scared me and I ran away from her cheek.

“Please continue. I like it,” she said.
“Sure,” I said and again licked the asshole.
“Ah, yes, lick my asshole,” grandma moaned.

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Fun Sex With Granny – I wiped my tongue all over the asshole. With my grandmother groaning, “Yes, yes, lick, lick.” I licked grandma’s bastard for a few minutes. “Do you want to fuck my ass?” she asked, moving his butt from my face.

“Anal?” I said I didn’t know I heard it.

“Yes, anal,” she said then got out of bed. She walked to the dressing table and opened the top drawer. She took out the lube. She opened it and sprayed some lubricant on her fingers then rubbed it on the asshole. She walked to the bed. She sprayed more lubricant on her hand and massaged it on my hard cock. Grandma climbed into bed with her hands and knees. She shake her butt as an official invitation. I knelt behind her.

I ran the tip of my cock around the asshole. I pressed the tip of my cock into the hole. It slipped inside. I pushed my cock deeper in her ass. My cock is now all the way in the asshole with my pubic hair on the cheek of her ass. I can’t believe it. I finally got my cock in a woman’s ass. I began to move my cock in and out of her ass. My move were speed up and my groin slapped Grandma’s cheeks filled the air.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass!” she cried. “FUCK MY ASS!” she is screaming. “Oh, yes, oh yes!” she shouted while rubbing her clitoris.

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Incest Porn Story – I pumped her ass for five minutes. “FUUCKK! Screaming Grandma had an orgasm. I know I can’t help myself. “I’ll cum, grandma.”
“Cum on my ass!” he said, out of breath from orgasm. I smiled and continued to slap my crotch on the cheeks of her ass. I feel it. I spurted my first cum lump into her ass.

“That’s it! More cum. More cum on my ass!” My cock keeps spouting cum into her ass. “Yes! That feels so fucking good!”

I emptied my ball into her ass. I pulled and lay on my tangkas 365 back on the bed. Grandma lay beside me by putting her head on my shoulder. “Thank you. I need that,” she then gave me a kiss on the lips. I smiled. We drifted off to sleep.

In the afternoon Grandma and I went outside. We walked around the farms naked. She even knelt on the grass and gave me another one of her fantastic blowjobs. Grandma really likes the taste of my seed. I spent the rest of the weekend being Grandmother’s secret lover. Life is sweet. But I know it will end tomorrow when mom will take me home.

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