Fucked By Sheriff

Fucked By Sheriff

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Fucked By Sheriff – She was a little wild, has been all her life. A free spirit is what her father called her. cuckoo if you ask people around town. They will tell you that she is the best cock suckers in the three countries. At 18, she found trouble wherever she goes. The last time her father told her if she did it again, he would take everything from her. When the boy she was with ran a red light and crashed into a parked car. Then ran leaving her alone. She knew that the sheriff was going to throw it to her today. The judge said it was the last time she was in his courtroom.

Sheriff walked to the car.
“Okay Alison where Masterkiu Bobby, I know he will not let you drive the car.” he asked.
“He left.” she says.
“What did you do to cause him to hit a parked car Alison?” The sheriff asked. She refuse to say, but she had to.
“I sucked his cock sir.” she told the sheriff. She saw him pull out his ticket book. And knew that if she got the tickets for her father would kill her.


Cerita Hot Sex – “Oh please Sheriff don’t tell my dad, he would kill me. Please, please I will do anything, anything if you do not tell him.” she asked. He look at her, his friend, Billy brag about what a great cock sucker she is. He wondered if she would suck his cock and let him fuck her.

“Well, Alison we could work like this, I’d give Bobby a ticket because he was driving the car. And if you do what I want I will let you go.” he said.
“Well what do you want me to do?” she asked.
“Mmm. I want you to suck my cock then I want to fuck you up in the ass.” he says.
“Okay I’ll do it Masterkiu .” she tells him.
“Go into the car, the front seat.” he recounted. He went and got into the front seat of the car. She watched as he put ticket on car windshields Bobby and got into the car, and they left.

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Fucked By Sheriff – He pulled into a secluded road that leads into the mountains. Stopping at the cabin he used for fishing. He helped her out, and they went into the cabin. Turn on the lights he pointed to the bed and told her to sit. Closed the door and locked it, he stood in front of her. She watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She never saw a man’s cock that size before. He is very big, it has to be at least 9 inches long and was as fat as a bat.

“Suck me Alison.” he said. Taking his cock, licked and kissed the cock head. Running around the tip of her tongue and licked the small drop of semen. Download Domino

“YES, BABY DO NOT STOP, SUCK ME, TAKE MY COCK.  SUCK, SUCK ME WELL NOW, GET ME NICE AND SLOW, I WANT TO SLIP IT UP YOU ASS.” he snorted. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and made her turn around. She lay on her bed and took her hips, holding his cock he pushed inside.

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Cerita Hot Sex – “Oh God is so fucking tight, Alison.” he whispered in her ear as he pounded into her. He was so close to coming, so close that when he shouted that he was cumming. As she pushed back hard onto his cock and had him buried in her ass.
“Now Alison reminder of our agreement, I will not tell your dad, you not meet me here at midnight. You agree baby?.” he asked.
“Yes I agree Sheriff.” she tells him.
“Call me Elliot, come here and let me thank you for what you gave me tonight.” he says. Pulled her into his arms, he kissed her.

“Oh Elliot, dad will be wondering where I am at. Had to go home by 12… yeeeeeesssss Oh my God,” she shouted as he slid his finger in her cunt. He slid his finger faster now get him to the point of no return. She felt himself getting ready to explode. He licked her ear and whisper Download Domino.
“Wild Alison I cum on my finger baby, give me your hot cum.” he says.
“Oh God, please suck my pussy, please, please suck me.” she asked, shaking her head back and forth. He moved down between her legs and suck her pussy and slipped his tongue in her lip and she exploded.

Alison opened the door as she walked home, she found a note in refrigerator.

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Fucked By Sheriff – “Alison, I had to go out of town. Grandma rush to the hospital, I will go home tomorrow after 03:00. Love Dad.” she reads the note. Grabbed a drink from the ice box as she sat on the couch. Suddenly he got the idea, her father did not return until tomorrow. So she could have someone to spend the night Download Domino here with her. Then the phone rings, she answer the phone she soon found that Sheriff called. To make sure she was home fine.

“Oh Sheriff can you come here tonight. Dad was gone for the night and I miss you.” she says. He got the message and said that he would be there as soon as he could. She ran to her room and undressed, slipped on her silk robe. Pretty sure she heard a knock at the back door half an hour later. She stood in the door way with her robe open.

“Please come in.” she said quietly. He opened the door to find her naked, but the robe and it was open to view. He felt his cock stiffened at the sight of a big tasty titties. And its great cascading hair. He reached over and unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard cock. Closing the door he went to her and took her hand.


Cerita Hot Sex – “Where is your room sugar?” he asked. She took it to her room. Closing the door behind her. Lock the door he turned to her.
“Get in here and suck my dick.” he says. She knelt down and took his cock in her mouth, sucking him deep into her throat.
“AAAGH, GOD BABY, SUCK ME WELL Masterkiu.” he moaned. She moves her mouth up and down quickly on his cock, pulled him onto the bed as he did. Pulling out of her mouth he took a step back and look at her.

“Stand up baby and come give me a kiss.” he said. He kissed her and he picked her up and took her to the bed. Laying down, he followed it down and rubbing against her chest. He spread her legs apart and put his knob against her. With one thrust he was inside, buried deep.

“Oh baby you feel so good. I’ll stay inside you all night long baby.” he says.

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Fucked By Sheriff – Standing outside her room was her dad. He came home early, he watched as Sheriff ramming his cock into her daughter’s pussy. He felt his cock getting hard. He had wanted to get his cock in her daughter for many years now. He pulls out his cock jerking it hard and fast as Sheriff ramming her daughter cunt.

“OH BABY I’M Cumming !” he heard the screams of the sheriff, and he felt his cock explode all over his hand and the wall. Walking into the room, he surprised his daughter as he sat on the bed. She looked at him.
“Oh Daddy, I..” was all he got out.
“Hello Gob, it’s about time you got here. Do you like to watch me fuck your daughter Masterkiu ?” he asked.
“Hell yes I did. Had wanted to get inside her for a while now. Now I want her to suck my hard cock What do you say baby. Do you want to suck Daddy.” he asked. She got up and went to him and kissed his cock, sliding her mouth over his cock.

“OH GOD,  SUCK YOUR DADDY’S COCK. THAT’S IT, SUCK ME, SUCK ME DEEP BABY, I LOVE MY COCK DEEP IN YOUR THROAT.” He shouted. He moves in and out of her throat, he could not stop it moving faster and faster.

“God, Elliot. Get up and get your cock up her hot little ass. Fuck her, fuck her ass hard and fast.” said his father. He thrust into her asshole hard and they all burst out together.

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