Fuck My Step Daughter

Fuck My Step Daughter

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Summer time finally. I finished cleaning and opening the pool just before sunset for the family because we all love to swim. My daughter Nathan and my daughter-in-law Suzie really love to hang out by the pool and I like to watch them because they like to swim and sunbathe in the smallest and hottest bikinis. In fact, it’s the easiest way to see two 18 year old girls, even if they are my daughters. I went inside and shouted upstairs: “Suzie, the pool is finally open!”


“Coming!” Suzie squealed enthusiastically.

“Have fun Val, I’ll go to bed in a few minutes.”

Almost immediately, she came down the stairs in a really revealing black bikini that left little to the imagination. I thought she was going to swim at night and, as it was getting late, it was time to go to bed. As I approached her, I realized that I was getting really hard and that I had to go to the bathroom to do something. I looked out the window and saw her sitting there, feet in the water, ready to swim.

I had a very good idea. I could just sneak through one of the windows on the ground floor and head to the house to look at her. I ran down and gently opened the window and ran behind the shed to the edge of the yard to look at her. The light from the backyard was lit and under the light, I saw her adjust her top on her bikini.

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It looked like she was going back, but I almost fell and broke my face when I saw her detach it and throw it over her head on the edge of the pool. I could see her small breasts 34A and her hard nipples even from here and I saw her turn around and pull the bottom of the bikini to reveal a nice mound of smooth pussy.

When she turned, I really looked at her ass, which was not big but was still very hot and I wish I could go to her and just put my hands on her. She was so beautiful and I watched her swimming in the pool and could do nothing but feast my eyes on her beauty. After what seemed like hours, but still too short. I watched her come out of the pool and lean over to pick up her bikini and start walking towards the house.


I ran quickly to the window and returned to my room before hearing the door open and Suzie walk. I opened the door and glanced furtively to see her climb the stairs, still naked. Her bikini in her hand and her jet black hair kneeling from the pool and heading for the bathroom. After hearing the shower run, I knew she was going to bed after that. I slowly closed the door and fell asleep. Looking forward to next time, she could make a lean dive.

When I got home, Suzie and Nathan were out by the pool and bathing. The hours passed and I checked them to make sure they were still outside before going to bed.

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“Nathan, Suzie, I’m going to sleep now. Make sure to turn off the pool lights and lock the door when you arrive.”

“Actually, I’m going out now, Dad, I’m pretty cold and exhausted.” Said Nathan coming out of the pool. I kept the door open for her and followed her to the floor where we went to our rooms. I looked outside to see Suzie sitting by the pool drying herself. I knew what was going to happen, so I rushed down and out the window as fast as I could. By the time I went to the side of the shed, she had already lost her stocking. I was already so hard and I had waited for this moment all night and I began to masturbate. I pulled my load in the grass watching his naked body jump up and down in the water.

Almost a week and a half of spying and jerking on her passed and once again she came down while I was going up and said, “I’m going to the pool, leave the door open for me.” I climbed up and saw it near the pool through the window and went out the window and when I went to the hangar. No one was near the pool and the lights were off. Maybe she just went for a drink inside or she forgot her towel, so I’ll wait another minute or two, 10 seconds went by when I heard What brings you to the hangar so late at night? “I look around and see Suzie wander into the bikini of the shed and I stammer out saying,” Oh, I was looking for the hedge trimmer. “

“The hedge trimmers? Really? At 11 pm? And besides, we dont have more hedges.”

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“No, I did not mean hedge shears, I meant motor oil.”

“Motor oil? Ok, why were you really here? Did you spy on me naked and wank your stepdaughter?”

“WHAT! No, uh, of course not …?”

“So what were you doing at the hangar all those nights ..”

“Did you see that?”

“Yes, at first I thought it was an animal until I saw a shadow … Then I recognized it as your shadow, I saw what you were doing. What would your daughter say … or even mom, anyway? I could say that dad wanked your girl and spied on her for a week. “

“No, you can not do that, I’m so sorry, you are so hot that I can not help it.”

“Oh, dad, that’s fine, I really liked having your company, knowing that you looked at me naked was always so wet and hot for you.”

She slowly moved closer to me and just as she stood up against me she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Daddy, I want your cock.”

She slowly started rubbing my cock through my shorts and could tell I was already hard on her even though I was embarrassed to get caught.

“Mmmm daddy is kind and hard for his stepdaughter, is not it? Hey you know why I took long showers after getting out of the pool?” She moaned seductively.

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“Why?” I croaked.

“I was rubbing my pussy at the thought of you looking at me, and when I thought I was taking you inside, I was always enjoying myself instantly.”

“R-really?” I was shocked that my daughter-in-law was so bitchy with her father-in-law and that she agreed to me spying on her.

“I’m going inside to take a shower, dad, I have to go down now because I’m so excited I’d ask you to join me but I know you have to get up early tomorrow morning and I know I’ll be watching you late, hehe. “

Slutty Step Daughter In Bathroom

I went inside the window and went up the stairs and went back to my room. I heard Suzie go to the shower. I was so horny and I was bored of jerking off and I wanted to do something knowing she was masturbating in the shower right now. Screw the plans I have tomorrow I have a hot tight pussy ready to fuck. I undressed and looked at my hard cock like a javelin with all my weight of glory and I went quietly to the shower.

I slowly opened the door and tiptoes inside. The shower curtain was closed and she was inside. I heard moaning and I heard her moan, “Daddy … daddy … Ohhh.” I knew now that it was my chance. I gently pushed back the curtain and saw it standing under the water rubbing her clit and I stayed in the shower behind her. She was still rubbing her clit furiously and had no idea of ​​my presence. I decided to move.I reached out and grabbed her two small breasts in my hands and put a few kisses on my neck. She jumped a second but once she realized it was me, she kept rubbing her pussy and moaning.

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I spread her hand and began to rub her pussy while playing with one of the breasts. She was so wet and I managed to slip a finger inside her easily and I fingering her. It did not last long before leaning against me and saying: “Dad, I make myself cum!” I licked all the juice in her pussy before she turned around and started kissing me. She and I had a long and passionate kiss while my hand came back into her pussy and his hand went down in my cock and began to caress him. “Mmm Dad, follow me, I think I have something fun planned.”

I followed her to her room and watched her on the way. Once in her room, she closed the door and locked it. She left a lit desk lamp so I could absorb all her beauty before pushing myself onto the bed and jumping on top of me. She kept doing with me and rubbing her wet pussy against my rock hard cock until she kissed her way into my belly to my cock. She kissed the top of my cock and took my whole cock in her mouth and got me deepthroated and sucked me for about 6 minutes.

Knowing that I could not take much more without him ejaculating in the mouth, I moved. I put it on the bed and I spread my legs. I could already feel her wet pussy and I bent over and took a long lick. Suzie immediately shuddered and  began to moan very high as I licked her clit in circles. I continued to furiously attack her clit and to stick my fingers.

“Ugh Dad. You’re so good at this, oh my God, it’s so good please, do not stop, Dad.”

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I continued to fingering and attacking her clit until she began to shiver and I watched her enjoy. I knelt and licked all her delicious juices before kissing her again and sharing her juice in her own mouth.

Suzie pushed me back on the bed and put on me. She placed her pussy near my cock and pushed my cock into it. Her pussy was so wet and tight and it was so good. She kept going up and down on my dick for what seemed like an eternity until I decided to grab her and start stuffing her myself. She started moaning very softly in my ear and I fucked her for a few more minutes until she said, “Daddy, it feels good … Cum in me dad, I’m on the pill and I want that you fill me with your cum, please daddy. “After learning that I was shooting instantly after load after load after dumping on her pussy, she saw her pussy fill with cum.

I looked and saw a shadow and I heard Nathan’s voice say, “What do you think you are doing?”

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