Fuck By Daddy And His Friend

Fuck By Daddy And His Friend

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Fuck By Daddy And His Friend – With my father doing his work in the army. One night I went to his room looking for dirty laundry while doing so. I saw a small Sakongkiu magazine protruding from under the bed. Out of curiosity like us women. I opened it and found it contained a very explicit picture and some very erotic stories. I must tell you that my sexual experience is almost zero at the moment. Maybe a romp once in a while after a local disco but nothing else. Because you know my life is based on my father and being a military man. We often move from one place to another.


Cerita Hot Sex – Bringing the book down, I turned off the television and opened the book. Here I begin to read about women sucking cock, getting screwed or even licking their pussy or ass. This was all new to me, my pussy was itching to touch so that after I undressed I read on. The more I read the more severe the breathing, the more I began and couldn’t stop playing with myself. My hands moving back and forth from my nipples to my clit until I experienced my first explosive orgasm.

Feeling guilty, I changed the book and decided not to do things like that again. Many times I walked into Sakongkiu Father’s room and reread some stories. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’ve read and start fantasizing about it happening to me.

During that winter, we experienced a storm that damaged the roof of our garage. With my father on leave he made temporary repairs until the weather changed so he could finish work. Early spring, Dad called to say he would come home the next day and bring Yohan, his friend. So they could fix the roof. Arriving early the next day I recognized Yohan as one of Daddy’s junior officers. So changing into clothes, I also noticed how fit and muscular he was wearing only shorts and singlets.

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Fuck By Daddy And His Friend – After giving them cups of tea and bacon butties. I left them to continue work and at the end of the day they had replaced the roof. Which only left the roof that felt like it needed to be fixed. The next day the two men went work suddenly around lunchtime I heard screams followed by screams. I looked out and saw Dad lying face to the ground with a big scratch on his back. Apparently a thick cloth roll had been slipped off the roof; Dad saw it coming, bending over. Covering his head and taking the weight of the roll on his back. Causing a scratch that went from his shoulder to his hip.

I rushed out and helped him in the room with the intention of calling an ambulance. But Father wouldn’t listen. He only asked me to clean it and bandage it to prevent infection. When I checked the first aid kit, I found that I had run out of fiber and antiseptic cream. So I asked Sakongkiu Yohan to go to the nearest chemist while I cleaned Daddy.

Father had undressed and showered downstairs before I entered. Pulling back the shower curtain that I saw from behind how beautiful tanned body my father had. Wide on the shoulders, slender on the hips with a cute little white butt. I picked up the cotton wool soaked and then nervously began to stroke his shoulders to remove the sand. Before slowly moving down to his hips.

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Cerita Hot Sex – The way the light was located made me hard to see. So I asked him to turn around a little so I could see better like I did. I caught a glimpse of his Sakongkiu cock, hanging it longer and thicker than I imagined. The sight began to awaken me; I began to fantasize about how much growth. As I continued to wipe the wound. My trembling hands landed on his hips with my fingers bending the front of his pubic hair.

I feel sure Father must feel my emotions because the atmosphere. What I’m doing is wrong but I don’t care. I sat on the edge of the bathtub. My fingers moved closer and closer to the groin. My right hand trembled as I rubbed the wet cotton around his wounds working closer and closer to the bottom. I decided that this had to be stopped so I stood up, took a towel and patted his back gently. With that he turned. What’s when I saw the big, thick with the foreskin half pulled back. I just stood and gasped, without a word. He took my hand put it on his cock and held it while allowing me to gently say thanks. I have never felt so aroused in my life.

I thanked him with my right hand while my left hand stroked heavy balls. He leaned forward and kissed me, put his tongue in my mouth, took a breath. Suddenly, he stepped out of the bathtub, took my hand and led me slowly to his room. I went to get the curtain. But he held me back and kissed me again before starting to take off my blouse. As soon as he unbuttoned, he gently squeezed my breasts. Although not large, they are very sensitive and I find myself panting. As he caresses and plucks them through thin material.

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Fuck By Daddy And His Friend – Turning me he put his hand on the back of my blouse and unbuttoned my bra. Then moved his hand around and under my hand he lifted my bra. And cupped my breasts before starting to tweak and roll my nipples until they felt hard. At this time I was very happy Sakongkiu, my whole body shook with desire. Through the thin material of my skirt I felt the hard cock press on my back.

Squeezing my breasts, she brought her mouth close to my left ear and whispered. “I want you to go to the chair, turn it, then lean back”. With great difficulty my body seemed to run out of energy. I did what he asked. He followed behind me. Glance at him as he holds the edge of my skirt. Lifts it up and then puts it on my back. He then began to run his hands all over my cheeks and between my legs. His fingers eagerly rubbed my pussy through the dripping wet material I called underwear.

With only my mouth dry with anticipation, I felt my panties pulled down, with my ass now fully exposed. I heard Father crying, “I like seeing a woman like this,” feeling her hands gripping my waist. I looked around and saw him kneeling. Then I felt a hot slimy tongue running between my ass cheeks as they gently separated. Opening my legs, her tongue first licked the outer lips of my pussy before pushing it into soaking wet pussy. I can’t help but let out my breath while he works my pussy and clit from behind. I can feel myself building an orgasm; fingers pushed to me, stretch me.

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Cerita Hot Sex – Better to follow, he started to anal tongue at the same time. That sent me over the edge. I started tense and then curved back as he pushed his tongue as far away as possible. With that I had just come and come like a stream of heat. Let out a big scream I then fainted on the chair. Extraordinary feeling. Now recovering, I glance back, Father now stands behind me. He keeps whispering to me when his hand reaches out and plays with my clit; I felt his cock enter slowly into my twitching cunt.

Feeling resistance, he gave a hard trust to make me gasp before sliding fully into me. After a short rest, he first started to fuck me gently. Then gripping my hips tighter, he began to fuck me harder. How I liked him; He kept telling me that my cunt was the tightest Sakongkiu he ever had and how he would stretch my body. I got closer to cumming again, when suddenly he pulled out. I shouted, “Don’t stop!” but he just made me stand up, gently undressing me before taking me to bed.

I am now accused of having sex so I don’t care when Daddy sits me in bed. Then takes my head in his hands, he gently pulls my face towards his stiff cock; when it touches my lips, I eagerly open my mouth to grab Daddy by the cock and pull it. I had never done this before so I was clogged at first but it was salty. And the fact that this happened made me even more excited. While teasing him, I wanted him to enter my mouth so I could taste semen for the first time. But he had other plans. He leaned forward and pushed me flat against the bed then put edgeways to me.

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Fuck By Daddy And His Friend – When we looked at each other’s eyes, he put his cock into my hand then he stroked my breast. My nipples were now very erect and tingling like never before. Gently dangling the fingers at each peak before continuing to pluck and pull my nipples. He then began to run his hands down towards my wet pussy teasing my curls. Until I could barely take it anymore. Inserting a finger into my soaking wet cunt, I opened my legs to give him better access. But he just pulled it out then put it in his mouth and sucked it dry. He repeated it again but this time his finger was placed in my mouth. He knew exactly what he was doing to put it back and forth deeper and deeper. But always lost my enlarged clit.

I feel so careless that he can do anything he likes and I will like it. With my feet hanging on the edge of the bed, he climbed to the top of me. When a stiff cock lined up with my mouth a pearl of pre-cum fell and landed on my tongue. Then slowly he lowered his body to my body. Not completely down, but enough for me to close my mouth around the tip of his cock. He then raised my legs giving Sakongkiu him open access to my cunt which was flowing with juices. Taking my clit into her mouth I began to cum again like a stream of heat. Father with his head crushed between my thighs first started drinking my nectar. Before pulling my clit further and further into her mouth.

Just when Daddy was about to take me to the third climax my bedroom door opened and Yohan stood there. Dumbfounded. I was ashamed, I tried to push Dad but he was too strong. “Come in, friend, don’t just stand there,” Father exclaimed. I don’t believe what I just heard. “But sir, this is your daughter!” Yohan replied.

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Cerita Hot Sex – “Listen, it’s okay. Stay still and get stuck. We have a really hot one here,” In a few seconds Yohan quickly undressed. I tried again to free myself but Father kept my feet in the air. And with my enlarged clitoris in his mouth continued to tease with his tongue. Meanwhile Yohan knelt between my legs, licked my ass and then tried to insert his tongue in my rectum. I cry and scream with pleasure when I experience the greatest orgasm ever, I have never felt so good. By moving my head a little, I could glance at the mirror of my wardrobe. Where I saw my father’s head hovering above my cuct eagerly sucking Yohan’s cock.

I still see Yohan’s cock slowly entering my wet cunt. It felt amazing when he wormed and then pumped slowly. While Dad played with the ball and continued to suck my clit. Shortly afterwards I felt a finger push into the rectum. Again glancing at the mirror of the wardrobe. I saw Daddy pushing his fingers deeper and deeper toward me using vaginal juice and saliva as a lubricant. I continued watching when Dad first used a second finger and then a third. To Sakongkiu open me before sucking Yohan’s cock before offering it to my virgin hole.

In my mind, I know this can be very painful. But I’m so excited that I don’t want it to stop. Yohan very gently, loosened his cock, stopped every now and then for me to get used to. When it started to hurt, I went screaming in pain but only I heard myself say “Yes, Yes please. Please fuck me but be gentle” because this is what I feel; I want everything.

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Fuck By Daddy And His Friend – Spit dribbling Daddy on Yohan’s cock. Hoping for deep penetration. I crossed my ankles behind Yohan’s back and pulled him towards me. Yohan slowly started pumping my ass; It didn’t take long before I felt his cock start twitching. God, do I want semen inside me, but strangely he pulled out and offered it to Dad. In the mirror I saw Yohan’s cock go deep into Dad’s mouth. With semen running down his chin, Dad then subsided, turned around and offered it to me in a long kiss. At first I caught up with that Sakongkiu thought, and then I enjoyed the sweet salty texture. After all this was a kiss from the man I loved.

Yohan, who had walked into the bathroom to clean. Now returned to holding the Vaseline tub, taking this as a gesture. Daddy took the tub from Yohan and freely covered his cock. Yohan then lay on the bed and told me to climb up to face him. All the time Yohan gently teases my nipple before taking one into his mouth before gently biting it. Once seated, Yohan then gently pulled me forward, letting Daddy wet my ass. Waiting for me from behind and starting to fuck with me.

Just like Yohan, Dad was very gentle, inserting his cock. Stopping once in a while so I got used to it. When it started getting hurt, I screamed again in pain. But only I heard myself say ‘Yes, Yes please, please fuck me but be gentle”. Needing an interlude, I hugged Yohan’s head between my hands and kissed him. To my surprise, Yohan returned my kiss with passion and longing passion for love. When I become more relaxed, I notice the difference in cock cannot be trusted. Whereas Yohan seems to glide smoothly. Daddy is much bigger and full of bumps and ridges, which only increases my desire.

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Cerita Hot Sex – As they slowly began to move together. I could feel the two cocks separated only by a thin membrane clashing. They both struggled to hold their tempo. Sometimes Yohan would crash into my cervix which caused my entire body to jerk. Daddy slow rasping my rectum only increased my desire for more; because I’m sure they created monsters, all my fantasies and my desires are fulfilled.

I could hear squelching as we moved against each other. Because we were very wet, then Daddy took my Sakongkiu hardened nipples into his hands and started to fuck me faster. I could hear the ball slapping my ass, finally we all came. No need at all because I could remembering three different explosions. I with my throbbing pussy and milking their cocks, they spray large amounts of cum deep inside me.

For a moment we lay there recovering from our trials. Dad went to apologize for his actions, but I just put my hand in his mouth, rolled over, kissed him. Then thanked him. Actually I thank them both because they have made me so happy. Needless to say, our erotic adventure continued that day which became one of the biggest days of my life. It was also the day I learned that my future husband and father were two sexual partners. But that is another story.

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