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Daddy’s New Fuck Toy – It all started when my mother left us. I had just turned sixteen, and my sister just two years old. Dad is destroyed; he went from being a happy, laughing man to a wry, hard man lipped. It was like mom mother suck all the life and happiness of him. He seemed confused about how to deal with a broken heart, even more with how to deal with us. I feel like I need to improve and help him take care of the house and my sister. Now, almost six years later and my whole life revolves around Agen Sakong them.

“Lisa, honey, you have to be quick or we’ll be late for the football. And you know your coach will be mad if we’re late again,” I said. Pushing her gym bag in her hands. She sighed heavily, and collapsed on the floor to put on her shoes. She seems to enjoy taking her sweet time. Dad caught me at the front door when he came in from work. And give a quick kiss on the cheek, barely touching my lips to his.

I looked at him and nodded back toward Lisa struggled with her shoes and we shared a smile. Lisa is absolutely adorable, almost spitting image of my mother when she was a young girl. My heart began to pull because I think of her. And I can tell by the sad Dad’s face that he was thinking the same. My father and mother grew up together, practically best friends since birth. I reached my hand and rubbed his shoulders. He leaned over to me and sighed.

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Cerita Hot Sex – “It will be fine. She’s happy with us.” I kept my arms around his waist and put my head against his side. Dad was a few inches taller than me. So that my head fell to his chest and he just held me for a minute. Lisa is still struggling with the shoes and I can tell she was frustrated with them. But I could not bring myself to move from his arm. He was so warm and I felt very safe so I hugged him closer. It’s been a very long day. Its summer and sitter have to leave early. Which meant I had to rush home and Lisa are in a bad mood because she missed a nap. Until I felt something hard nudge to my leg that I realized my dad pulled away from me.

He rubbed his hands over his head and cleared his throat awkwardly. Father tugs his shirt down and turned away from me, rushed up the stairs. It takes a minute to realize what just happened and I could feel my face getting red. My dad got a boner from hugging me and honestly, I don’t really mind. In fact, I could feel my nipples hardening think about it. Need Lisa tugging at my hand to take me out of the mist and I smiled at her.

“Let’s go, Bandar Sakong Lisa,” I said and pushed her out the door. Heading to her football game. My mind was totally preoccupied thinking about my dad’s boner and I was surprised how I got wet pussy.

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Daddy’s New Fuck Toy – I rushed up the stairs and closed the door of my room. My pants so tight against my cock that I have a hard time getting them off. It’s been so long since I had touched other people, especially women. It bothered me that it was Stef who seems to evoke this response. But he looks so much like her mother, who seized the air my lungs sometimes. Cock throbbing and I refuse rub. A cold shower will help, so I took a clean towel from the hall closet and jumped in the shower.

Tracey floated through my mind and my cock began to jump again. I know that I will not be able to get away from it. So I lathered my hands with water and began to stroke my dick. Not to brag, but it was quite impressive. About eight inches and quite thick, I received no complaints so far.

I close my eyes and think about the Situs Sakong last time Tracey and I were together. It was really here, in this bathroom. One of her legs had been prepared on the edge of the tub. And I was standing behind her with my hands against her breasts. Slowly rolling her nipples in my fingers. I pressed her ass and she kept rubbing her butt against it. I slowly biting her ear, making my way down her neck. Her legs spread as her head fell back against me and I buried two fingers in the pussy.

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Cerita Hot Sex – She moaned loudly and I used my other hand to rub her clit, pumping my fingers into her. When she began to push against my hand, I pulled away and put my hands on her. He leaned forward and pushed her ass out. I slid my dick into her and stopped for a moment. Get adjusted and she put her hand into the wall. I wrapped some long hair in my fist and slowly began to pound into her. Groans filled the bathroom and it was not long before she was screaming and came against me Judi Sakong.

Back in the present, I could feel myself getting closer to the finish. I tried to imagine anymore, but Stef’s face felt my mind. I could almost feel my cock throbbing as I imagine myself pumped into her. I am afraid of the intensity level of passion I feel thinking about fucking my daughter. But before I could feel too guilty, my cock spasms. And instant pleasure spread through my body as I emptied my cock.

I quickly washed down and out. I still have to finish some work, so I head to my office and turn on my computer. Time passes quickly and immediately, I heard Lisa slammed the door open when she came in.


Daddy’s New Fuck Toy – “Daddy Sakong Online!” She is screaming. I smiled and walked out to meet her. Lisa flings herself into my arms and I hugged her. She began telling me all about her practice. And I looked up to see Stef carrying shopping bags into the house. She was so beautiful. I set Lisa down and told her to go take a shower so that I can help Stef. She set the shopping bag down and I look at it carefully.

Stef is very beautiful. She is quite small, but her legs are shapely and tanned from being in the sun. Her upper body is very curvy and she’s really stacked. Big breasts strain against her shirt and my mouth watering as she bent down. And the top of her breasts peeking out. She has a nice ass too and the shorts she wear, I could almost see the bottom of her asscheeks.

I feel that surge of lust again, my cock is getting harder. This was immediately followed by a wave of guilt. THIS IS MY KID, not a slut. I turned around and helped her with groceries, until my cock back into a reasonable state. When I go back to her, I swear I could see her nipples poking through her shirt. She was looking right at me.

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Cerita Hot Sex – My heart began to beat faster as she stepped closer to me. I tower over it, but for some reason I feel like she’s around me. She put her head on my chest and I automatically wrapped my arms around her. It does not help the situation with my cock and I was going to withdraw. When she looked at me and bit her lip. Looks like she was struggling with a decision in her head. Before I knew it, she stood on tiptoe and her lips were on mine.

She slipped her hands into my hair. And I pulled her closer to me as my tongue slide into her mouth. I could not believe what was happening, but I did not question it. She pushed her breasts against my chest and I pulled it tight, rubbing my penis against her front. She moans lightly and bite my lower lip. In the background, I heard Lisa clomping back down the stairs. Stef quickly steps away from me. Lisa jumped into the kitchen, smiling from ear to ear. “Stef said we could have tacos, because I scored.”

I laughed and scoop up. I looked at Stef and smiled. Her hand was on the plump lips and blushed. She looked at me with a small smile. Her nipples poking through her shirt and felt a hand rubbing his hair.

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