Daddy’s Naughty Girl

Daddy’s Naughty Girl

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Daddy’s Naughty Girl – Mark is a single Master Kiu father. He has his only child, Hailey. His wife has died during childbirth. That was eighteen years ago now, and her little girl grew into the image of spitting from her mother. Sometimes it hurts Mark, seeing his dead wife through the eyes of a child who has never known her. That does not mean that Mark blamed hailey for his wife’s death. No, he knew that it was bad luck that had killed her. There was no point in blaming one good thing to get out of it.

However, Mark never really recovered from his wife’s death so he never dated anyone again. He just couldn’t, but a man does have needs. It was not uncommon for Mark to masturbate, usually because of memories of past sexual encounters, or pornography. But only two months ago he had begun to masturbate on something else, or rather, someone else.

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Cerita Hot Sex – It had been a few days after her eighteenth daughter. And he walked to the bed and passed her room. The door was open but Hailey obviously didn’t know that. Because her eyes were closed and the earphones came in, dancing in her room listening to music. Totally naked! At that moment Mark flinched, just like his dead wife, Hailey. She was of the same height, the same blond hair, which stopped just below the shoulder. Similar-looking breasts, the same ass and a clean and nice shaved pussy. That sight made Mark immediately hard.

He quickly went to bed and masturbated over the picture of his naked daughter. That’s wrong, he knows it’s wrong, jerking to his little girl, but he likes it! Over the next few days Mark Masterkiu stole some of Hailey’s underwear, and often smell her, and jerked to it. Then he began to pay attention to things. He began to notice how revealing Hailey’s clothes when she go out. How she always swung her hips as she walked. And how her posture always pushed her breasts out. He had just written it down as the behavior of young girls like Hailey, but then he paid more attention.


Daddy’s Naughty Girl – How she would spend her time around the house wearing only a loose T-shirt and underwear. How she would flick a seductive look at Master Kiu Mark way. And how she would hug him, pressing her young body over his body for a little longer than needed. However, things are getting worse. Soon Hailey will wait to get out of the bathroom right when Mark is walking by. The door is left open more and more frequently, giving Mark a glimpse of his daughter’s naked form. Then Mark broke it. It was getting late and he had been drinking. But he knew what he was doing. Hailey had started it anyway; she had provoke him for long enough.

“Daddy!” She called, “Can you come and help me find my phone?”
“Coming, honey,” answered Mark, walking to her room. And when he entered he found a view. His daughter, Hailey. She knelt down, bowed, but more importantly, she was only wearing her pink underwear. Apart from that one outfit, she was naked. And she thought it appropriate to ask her father for help while she looked like that. Something snapped in Mark when he saw it, as if this was the last straw.

“Oh, enough.” He said, anger in his voice. Hailey released herself from under the bed, turned to face him, showing her cleavage.

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Cerita Hot Sex – “What is that, daddy?” She asked playfully, but Mark had no time for her. He grabbed her arm roughly and twisted it around her bed and pulled her underwear. He gave her ass a few quick spank, made Hailey a little surprised because as she not move. And stripped herself naked. He straddled his daughter and carried it to his hands and knees, his erection resting on her ass.

“If you will continue to tease me and walk around the house like a prostitute. Then I must take you like a prostitute.” Mark answered Download Domino. One hand holding her in place, while the other explored her body. He felt the smoothness of his daughter and tight skin. On his back and stomach, all of which were very tight, and soft. She then felt her breasts, they were small, like of her mother. A small handful that hung from her body and crowned with small, erect nipples.

Mark then felt her ass again, squeezing the flesh that had turned slightly red. He hit it a little more, bringing out screams from Hailey. Then, finally, he reached her crotch. It was shaved smooth and clean, and also dripping, her lips opened and Mark’s fingers almost slipped inside.


Daddy’s Naughty Girl – “Geez, you little bitch, aren’t you?” Mark asked, as his fingers examined the dripping cunt.
“Please,” pleaded Hailey, “Please daddy, fuck me. ” Mark smiled, his little girl had been taken over by lust, could not answer unless he fuck her. He put his hand on the silky blonde hair, holding it tight. As he pushed his head down, lifting her butt up high in the air. He held his cock and lined it up with his daughter’s cunt, and pushed him inside. Hailey screamed when her father pushed an erection inside him, filling her completely, her cunt contracting immediately.

“Is this what you want?” Mark asked, when he started pushing in and out of her. “To be screwed by your father, to be filled with my big fat cock?” Mark continued, pulling Hailey’s hair, making her scream and moan when he hit her in all the right places. And was very pleased with the feeling of the tight cunt that was wrapped around him. It’s been eighteen years since he last had sex, and he wanted to enjoy this. So he started slowly, pushing in and out, letting Hailey get used to his size. Which was relatively large. He also knew that this might be an opportunity to get to know his daughter a little better. He had noticed the lack of membranes from her.

“Is this your first time fucking?” he asked Masterkiu , speeding her push and pulling her hair harder.

“NO!” Hailey screamed, as her father’s penetration intensified. “I’ve been fuck with three other boys before.” Matt didn’t know why, but this made him even more excited. The picture of his little girl being fucked by others, his daughter being punished by other men. And then taking their seeds, making him fuck harder. His pump getting violent. Screams of pleasure formed her daughter.

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Daddy’s Naughty Girl – “Oh yeah, fuck me daddy,”
“There, yes,”
“Oh, daddy, harder,”
“I want to Download Domino cum on your cock dad, please make me cum.”

Being too heavy for Mark to handle, but then he felt it. He pushed his daughter deeper than before. And pulled her head up by the fine blond hair when her eyes were completely closed. And her mouth widened to an ‘O’ when the cunt pinched his cock , set him up like a vice. Mark grinned when he saw his little girl cum for him. However, he wanted more, he let go of her hair and bowed to her.

“Have you ever brought someone to your ass?” He asked, his cock throbbing at the prospect.

“No daddy, I… I saved it for you.” Hailey answered, exhausted from orgasm. Mark slowly pulled out, his cock was completely soaked in liquid, that was what he needed. He placed his hands on her hips. In one smooth motion he pushed into her ass, and was greeted with extraordinary tightness. Mark felt very restrained by her, feeling his cock was so trapped, but also very stimulated. The greatest feeling Mark had ever felt, carrying his daughter, his little girl.


Cerita Hot Sex – It didn’t take long for him before Mark felt he reached his own climax. He went as long as he could, fucking his daughter’s ass paradise. Because it was putting more and more pressure around his throbbing cock. He then looked at the scene in front of him. His little girl was really tired, and he knew what he had to do. Right before he finished he pulled out of her ass and let his cum fly over her body. He came more than he had before, covered Hailey ass and back with thick semen. Some even into her hair, gluing silk fibers together, leaving it tangled with sweat and semen.

Mark then passed out, next to Hailey. They looked at each other, smiled. He lightly stroked her breasts, played with her nipples. Reminding himself of the tenderness of her flesh. Hailey giggled, she could feel her father’s semen drying on her skin, and her hair. Mark cupped her still wet pussy with his hand and leaned close to her.

“You are my little Master Kiu girl.”

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