Daddy And Uncle Fuck Daughter

Daddy And Uncle Fuck Daughter

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Daddy And Uncle Fuck Daughter – Jodie and her bf had been seeing each other for over two years. Which ended when he was caught in their bed with a stripper from the bar she worked at. Two days later he tried to come and meet her at her parents’ house. Her father met at the door. He told him not that he does not ever come around again. She watched from a window upstairs bedroom ever.

Half asleep her mother entered the room to wake her up. “Jodie, get up dear.” she says. “What mom.” she said, sitting on the bed. “I want you to make sure dinner cooked by noon. We had chicken and dumplings in crock pot, also has your father get his garage cleaning.” she told Masterkiu Jodie. Woke up she went to the window to see her pull out and drive. The sun was out so she took off all her clothes and lay down and fell asleep.

Paul walked down the hallway looking for his daughter. He found her lying naked on the bed. He stood in the door way and watched her sleep. He felt his cock grow hard in the pants. She moves her feet, and he saw more of her delicious pussy. Rubbing his cock while he was watching her hands move down to touch her pussy. Walking into the room for a closer look, it makes it easy to sit down on the bed. Her hands were moving, rubbing her clit. And he pulled his cock out and stroke his cock.

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Jodie opened her eyes to see her father sitting on the bed, and he stroked a huge cock. She could not believe his cock so big, it’s bigger than the others he had seen. When he saw her awake and watch he jump back on the bed. “Oh baby I’m so sorry, I did not mean any harm. It was just me come looking for you and I found you lying there. And I just can not help myself. Your mom did not give me any for a while now, It wont happen again honey. ” her father told her. Then left the room.

She put in the crock pot then calling her father for lunch. While he lunch she took the time to think about what had happened in her room earlier. She looked up and saw her father’s watch, she went back to washing dishes. “Dad, mom want you to clean out the garage today before she got off.” she tells him. “Yes I know honey, I’ll get there soon.” he says. “We better do it dad, I’ll help you dad.” she tells him.

Changing into short shorts and white T-shirt. She went to the garage and found her father boxes to move out. For the next hour they got all the boxes. And move all of the tools to the right side of the garage. And then he said he wanted to move logs out. Because he was going to build a room in the garage. Everything was out and he had two boys and he worked in the room, they had all three walls up. When they take a break she walked around the room, it would be a great room. She brought out drinks and sandwiches for Masterkiu everyone. She sat in the shade while she ate.

With her back to the men, she bent over the box, drawing them closer. “Dad what we save from these boxes?” she asked. They are mostly your mothers, call her and ask.” She go to the home called her mother.

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Jodie call the number, “Hello mom,” she said. In the back ground she could hear a man’s voice telling her to hurry up and undress. He wanted to fuck. “What to do with a box in the garage, dad said it’s yours.” Jodie asked. “Throw them out, and did not say anything to dad, Jodie, Masterkiu or you’ll be sorry.” her mother told her. She went into the box and started to go through them. She has been through eight boxes when she found some tape and some really sexy clothes. She put them in a box to go to her room. “Dad all these go into the trash, I need to get in and start dinner.” she tells him. He told the people to take the box to a pile of garbage. While he was finishing the last door frame.

An hour later she called them to dinner. She was making enough for everyone. Give them room to eat she go upstairs to see through the box. Pull out the pictures and tapes, she put one in the VCR. Wow that was her dad and mom. Sometimes with other men. She watched for about 30 minutes, then turn it off pull the cassette out. Take the clothes she tried them on. Standing in front of mirror as mere grew red with matching robes. Then she pulled out the sheer black bra and pantie set with matching robes.

“Jodie, Jodie where are you?” her father calling. “Up here dad, in my room.” she is screaming. Her father stopped in her doorway, watch her with the dress. He retreated from the doorway and yelled again. “Come in dad.” she called. “Do you like me dress like this dad, I think it’s very sexy. And I love to look bulge at your pants.” she tells him. “Oh baby, I’ve been hard on you 18 years old.” he said.

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She put her hand in front of his bulge. “Between me and your dad, mom had a lover. She told me not to say anything or I’d be in trouble. But I have to tell you because I know that you will not tell her I told you. ” She said, rubbing his hard cock. Bent over he laying kiss on her lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth. Her tongue slipped into, pulled her closer he kissed her hard. Stepping back he took a deep breath and sat down on the bed.

“WOW !! It was amazing dad, the kiss was out of this world. We will have to do it again soon.” she told her dad. “Unfortunately it is not right, you are my daughter. And I could go to jail if I do something that you do not want to.” he said. Sitting beside her on the bed. She stood in front of him and straddle his lap, taking his hand, he put it in her Masterkiu pussy. “What if I say I want you to take me to bed. And we can fix the room you just built, put into bed. And we could go there late at night and had some great times just you and me. And maybe uncle Harry also.”

She whispered, as she licked his ear. She slipped his hand in her panties and into her pussy. “Oh baby you are so wet, Lord, I want to feel you wrap my dick.” he said.

Her hand closes around his cock stroked him. Bringing him to a state of violent getters. Pull down his pants pointed his cock in her pussy, rubbing his hands and clit. “Oh god baby what you do to me.” he said as she pushed herself forward onto his cock. With the rest cockhead inside her pussy she took his lips. Kissed him hard as he squeezed her breasts together. “Jodie, Paul I’m home.” her mother shouted out. He got up and walked to his room, and Jodie went into the bathroom. With the water running, she quickly undressed and hid the clothes in the bottom drawer washrags. She got wet and step out of the tub as her mother walked in.

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“Jodie Where is your dad?” she asked. “In the garage I guess.” she said, grabbed a towel and headed to her room. Dinner was on the table when she came down. Dinner was hard when all Jodie could think of it went into her pants again. “Paul I have to go out of town this weekend for semanier to work. I’m not going home until late Monday.” his wife told him. He nods, says he understands. “Mom could I go with you so that I can shop for some new clothes?” Jodie asked. “Not this time Jodie companies pay for the room and no one else can be in the room.” she says.

That night Jodie could not sleep. So she went down to the garage Download Domino. She saw her father sitting on the bench. “Dad, what’s wrong can’t sleep?” she asked. Looking up, he saw her standing there with the light behind her, she was not wearing anything under gown. Standing he unbuttoned his pants and walked over to hier closed the door he took her to the bench. He lay down on the bench and stroke his cock. “Come baby and ride daddy to heaven.” he said.

She straddles him and focus down to a throbbing hard cock. He could feel his daddy cock fill her pussy, leaving no room for anything else. After he buried it deep in the pussy, he grabbed her ass and pulled her hard and fast. “Take me baby, ride daddy’s cock, until I fill you sweet pussy with my cum.” he said.

She rode hard and fast. When he screamed cumming her pussy sucking him deeper. Filling the pussy with cum. He holds her to stand and walked into a wall. Her feet slid to the floor and he plunged his cock deeper into her pussy. “Oh my sweet baby, I talk to your Uncle Harry. And he said he wanted to come for a visit this weekend.” he said. “MMMMMMM. Great it gave me two days and one night to get some sexy clothes.” she says.

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She sat on daddy’s lap and order a lot of things, and so did her dad. She spent the rest night fucking her dad. The next day she was waiting for her mother to leave the house. Dad was out working on a new room when mom came downstairs. “Now Jodie did not call me unless someone is injured, and keep dinner from burning. I’ll be home late Monday about 10 or 11.” she told Jodie. “Okay mom have a safe trip.” Jodie said. Jodie watched her pull out of the drive.

She worked on lunch when she heard a large truck stop in the driveway. Grabbed the money horm her dad left her. “Hi I have a COD package for Miss Jodie.” said the man. “I’m Jodie.” she tells him. Jodie gave her money and went into the box, sitting on the coffee table. “Dad, the box is here.” she is screaming. Opening the box he pulled out clothes one by one. “Oh baby they will look beautiful on you. And, red, Harry would have liked that one.” her dad said.

She pulled up her dress, and dropped to the floor. “When he came daddy?” she asked, as she slipped in red sheer. “He’s on his way now honey.” he said, as he watched. “Why don’t you come over here and give daddy some special loving.” he said. “What kind of love do you want daddy?” she asked. “Baby your mouth, your hot mouth.” he said, pulling out a hard cock and sat down. She knelt in front of Download Domino him and took his cock in her hand and stroke it. Felt the heat she lowered her mouth and took him deep into her throat. Sucked the cock hard and fast.

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Harry walked in and found her giving head to her dad. And from what he saw, she gave him a real good. Harry watched as his niece’s head bobbed up and down, he felt his cock getting hard and pulled it out. At that time he heard Paul shout that he cumming. And Jodie take all  8 inches of his cock down her throat.

“I see that you like sucking cock baby, you want to suck mine for a while Jodie?” Harry asked. Jodie turned to see her uncle standing there with a big hard cock. Harry walked over to her and she reached and took his cock out of his hand, licking the head. “You are so big Uncle Harry, it’s the largest I’ve ever seen.” she stated.

Harry could not believe she’d just suck his 10 inches cock. Now he watched as she walked around the room wearing only a red sheer. He is still hard, even after she sucked him. He wanted her badly, wanted to get his cock up her pussy. He put back on the floor as she came and stood on his cock. Lowering her pussy she felt the throbing cockhead in, she took a deep breath and drop down. Bury it deep inside her pussy.

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