Birthday Sex Surprise

Birthday Sex Surprise

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Birthday Sex Surprise – My brother came to my mouth when I sucked his cock, uncircumcised cock. I stroked my clit in a frantic circular circle as his cum attacked my taste buds. I screamed on the thick dong as my cunt contracted. Some hot cream flowing over my clitoris and my fingers in the process. I usually don’t masturbate this difficult, but this hot, wild sex with my little brother lately really makes me excited. It was forbidden, illegal everywhere, and that was what made it explode.

I pulled out my mouth from the tip of his cock, some semen dripping from my hot lips. I am twenty-two now, and my little brother is twenty-one, and now…he is the only man for me.

We are both very interesting. I have thick, straight black hair in pixie cuts, an hourglass body, a cute and innocent face. Large D-sized breasts with brown nipples in the center, and a heart-shaped butt that is to die. If I can clone myself, I will fuck myself in an instant, and I’m not the type to be Sakong Kiu curious. Mason, however, is a perfect athlete in build. He was tall with tight muscles, tanned skin. Wavy black hair, and a face full of dreams with burning brown eyes. And sometimes I masturbated with the thought of sleeping with him, but I never thought that fantasy would come true. Now we are an item, a secret and a taboo.


Cerita Hot SexThe chest is the right muscle board. Every time I stroked her chest, pinching her small brown nipples, my stomach felt twitching. His arms, his legs, his skin…all were like magic made into reality. Like some expert magician who made him come out of perfect clay and breathe life into him. His face was square but cute, with bright and bright brown eyes and black eyebrow lines on it. His wide lips were always so cheerful and pleasant when he smiled. His ear is a specimen in itself, flawless and perfectly symmetrical. I even like to lick his little pink butthole. And I like it when I wipe it and feel his anus tighten in the middle finger. When the tip of his thick cock begins to spray hot semen.

One of the most surprising and most extraordinary things about my little brother is his cock. It was a thick with foreskin, as wide as a golf ball when swollen with erect blood. And a little over eight inches long. Plus, Mason has been shaving his crotch for two years now. So when I saw his big bald cock Sakong Kiu for the first time…I was almost cum right there. In comparison, I have never shaved my vagina; it’s a big hairy thing that I think is ugly, but Mason likes to eat it. And he prefers to fuck it again.

The first time he came into me was last Friday. We were both drunk after a party with friends. But we were escorted home by my best friend, Carey. You know, Mason and I lived together in an apartment that we both rented together. Most people consider it bad for brothers and sisters to live together in college. But we’ve lived together with parents for the rest of our lives. So living together now to save money only makes sense.

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Birthday Sex Surprise – We bumped into our apartment that night laughing and joking. He went to his room and lay down on his bed. But I followed him because…I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was drunk, and I had a talisman for him, so I followed him against my own reason. He asked what I was doing, so I made an excuse that he had not yet given me his gift. He really hadn’t given me a present, and I knew he would get me as soon as possible. But I still gave him that reason.

Mason told me he would give me one that weekend. I told him that I wanted my present now. My heart was beating fast, my breathing was fast even though I was drunk. And I was erect, wet between my legs. He repeated himself about buying me a gift over the weekend, but I ignored it. I went to bed with him and covered my body. He looked at Sakong Kiu me strangely when I straddled his muscular right leg and locked my foot around him. I kissed his lips straight, moving my tongue into her mouth, but she didn’t try to push me. His breathing accelerated as I rubbed his body against his feet. And my clit was rock-hard, trembling under the rose leaf covering that protected it.

I stopped kissing him, and he looked at me as if seeing me for the first time.

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Cerita Hot Sex“What are you doing?” He asked.
I moaned a little as I rubbed it like a dog would ride on its owner’s feet. I let out a small smile as I closed my eyes and lifted my head for a moment. Then lowered my head and looked directly into his dark eyes.

“I’m opening my Sakong Kiu gift,” I said.

I slid down his body until my head was between his legs. I unbuttoned his black leather belt, unzipped his jeans, and pulled on his pants, but he didn’t move or protest. He just looked at me with wide eyes, some confusion on his surprised face. I pulled the boxer, but I could already see the thick bulge of his cock before his underwear undressed.

Now it’s my turn to have plate-wide eyes. His big, thick, beautiful bald cock was right in my face. Completely erect, twitching as if it required attention, and quickly. I took a thick glands into my mouth when I pulled the cock like a lever. I licked the folds of his foreskin, and Mason just groaned and closed his eyes. I sipped his cock for several minutes, tasted the delicious cake. I throbbed between my legs, soaked in my white cotton pants. My pussy was swollen and swollen and wanted to swallow this big monster.

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Birthday Sex Surprise – I sat down and took off my shirt, unbuttoned my bra, and threw my underwear to the side. Mason stared at my big breasts, my dark nipples firmly erect with excitement and coldness in the air. I cupped my left breast and craned my neck down to lick the tip of my left nipple. Mason gave a little deep breath as I let go of my breath and unbuttoned my jeans. I unzipped my pants and then got out of bed. I took off my shoes and socks, took off my pants and underwear. And stood there in the wet silence before him, completely naked. Breathing like a rabbit frightened in hope. I have a little juices running down the inside of my left leg. And that’s new, because I’ve never been so excited for that to happen before.

I quickly pulled his socks and shoes, then took off his pants and shorts. Mason did nothing during all this. I think he was too shocked and confused to do anything. I moved forward on the bed and kissed his lips, moved my tongue again in his mouth. And then pulled his clothes. He moved his hands up in agreement, signaling Sakong Kiu that he gave his entire body to me. This made me excited to the point where my body burned. I threw his shirt on the floor and stared at him with a heavy, open mouth with breathing.

“It’s my birthday,” I breathe in a hoarse voice. “I’ve opened my gift, little friend. That’s just what every girl needs. Now I will use it. I will use it often.”


Cerita Hot SexI straddled his bare body with mine and groaned as I inserted his thick cock into my wet hole. It hurt when it stretched me open. But sliding down it was even more painful when a thick ball of chicken’s head crashed into my cervix. I deliberately ignored the pain and concentrated on pure pleasure.

“You fill me up, little brother,” I gasped. “You spread me wide and puffed my stomach. What a birthday present you gave me. I think I will use my new gift and exercise some nights”. I bent over and rested my fingers on his bare, tanned chest. Mason was sweating now, and the look on his face was…odd. He looked stunned and confused, true, but he also looked excited.\

“You are the best Sakong Kiu little brother in the whole world,” I moaned.

I moved pussy up as my pussy slid up along the throbbing wet cock. Thick white cream covered him, my contribution to our little birthday celebration. I slammed into his cock, into a big hairy ball, and I shouted. We both did it, because this action was a signal to have fun to start. I banged in a quick movement, my big ass moving in a whip-like motion. His enlarged cock stroked me up and down, up and down. And I feel myself climaxing in minutes.

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“Oh, my God!” I cried in ecstasy and pure surprise.

Birthday Sex Surprise – My pussy squeezed his cock repeatedly as multiple orgasms shook me. I have never had sex like this before. Hot cream came out of me on top of its large, hairless balls. And he immediately reached out with both hands and held me to his waist. He had not moved before, before my Sakong Kiu orgasm burst. But now he gripped me and pushed up with all his might. He closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and groaned.

I looked toward the ceiling, my mouth as wide as possible. I had the widest smile on my face at the time, because my brother’s semen shot up to me. The hot semen lining my insides like sticky filling in a freshly baked cream donut. It felt so warm, so good, and so special, that I laughed. I laughed and then grinned broadly at him.

“I love you, Mason,” I said suddenly, and I meant it.
“I love you too, Sis,” Mason grinned. “Happy birthday. If I knew this was what you wanted…I would have given you this gift many years ago.”

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Cerita Hot SexI laughed and fell to his bare chest. His thick penis is still inside me, but that’s what I want. I want the most private part in my most private place…I want it more than anything.

“The best thing about this gift,” I said in a low voice. “is that you owe me for the years you missed. You have to pay back those years with more gifts.”

“That would be difficult,” Mason Sakong Kiu grinned.
“I’m counting on it,” I grinned.
We lay there and held on to each other until we both fell asleep. It’s been a week since then, and our normal daily routine has changed. Now when we come home from school, we come to his room, and then we sleep in the bed. We share one bed, share one body, and share one mind now. This is why I have the best younger brothers in the whole world.

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